How to Get More From Your Blog Posts

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

If you only share your blog posts to your website, then you are seriously under-leveraging your resources. But there’s good news! It’s relatively easy to get more mileage from a great blog post, once it’s written. Ready to say hi to higher ROI?

Today, many firms regularly publish blog articles. However, few firms really leverage these posts beyond publishing them to their websites for SEO purposes. 

So today, we’re here with a quick list of additional ways to get your blog articles to work harder for your law firm, from sharing posts with referral sources to pitching local media outlets.

Include your blogs in a monthly newsletter (especially segmented)

Many firms publish a newsletter that acts as a monthly touchpoint with clients and/or prospects. Depending on your audience, it may be suitable to include the full text—or tease the first few paragraphs—of a blog post in your newsletter.

A word of warning: Blog posts in a newsletter work much better if your email list is segmented. Segmentation ensures that you serve up impactful information to the right audience. Your clients and your prospects are interested in very different kinds of content. 

To avoid confusing anyone or negatively affecting your open rates, think carefully about which blog posts would best serve each audience. If it won’t be highly beneficial for your audience, don’t hit send.

Post your blog posts to social media with snackable assets

Use your blog posts as source material for social media. In addition to posting the link to the full article, you can use the long-form copy as a starting point for more snackable assets such as quote cards and short videos. This works well on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 

You only need one blog post in order to create content for multiple platforms. Plus, posting on social media encourages people to share your content to their own networks, which will expand your reach even further.

Repurpose written content into another medium

From podcasts to video marketing and infographics, you can transform a written blog post into another medium for extra mileage.

This diversifies your content strategy and appeals to people with different learning styles. Repackage your valuable insights to extend your blog’s reach and captivate a broader range of individuals. It can also keep people on your site longer.

There are some AI options that can help you do this, such as, Speechify, Wavve, and Pictory.

Pitch local media outlets for earned links

You can use your blog articles to establish your expertise. Pitch local media outlets and you might get a backlink.

As the content game intensifies with the advent of ChatGPT, earned media is arguably more important than ever before. Comprehensive articles and true thought leadership content can become a springboard to connect you with journalists in your community.

Share with your networks and referral sources

Finally, you can share your blog posts with your networking groups and referral sources. In fact, these groups often turn to their members to look for content—so share away! 

Don’t view this as shameless self-promotion. Instead, think of it as a way to strengthen your professional relationships and provide value to your friends’ friends. It’s important to stay top of mind and help your referral sources by giving them a tool for referring you.

Remember, the best blog strategy is informed by data

Ultimately, your blog articles can be most useful if you take a data-informed perspective. 

Which topics land best with prospects? 

Which topics have the best conversion rates? 

When you look at the data regularly, you can use these articles to help determine the most effective direction for future marketing campaigns. 

Review and next steps

Blog posts can be leveraged in more places than just a website. Consider:

  • Including blogs in segmented newsletters
  • Posting snackable assets on social media platforms
  • Repurposing content into different mediums
  • Pitching local media outlets for earned links
  • Sharing posts with networks and referral sources

A legal marketing agency can help you develop a cohesive online presence and a comprehensive digital strategy. If you need help managing SEO and writing blog posts, we can help. If your firm needs a complete rebrand and website redesign, we do that, too. 

Please reach out to learn more about our services and discuss how we can help you grow.

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