The Summer Advantage: 5 Ways for Law Firms to Make the Most of Summer

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

Summer is fast approaching—and you’ll need more than sunscreen to survive and thrive. If you find yourself dreading the upcoming caseload or the ongoing battle between beaches and briefs, we can help. 

With a little preparation, summer could be a highly profitable and enjoyable season at your law firm.

Here are five ways to prepare now for summer, including allocating more resources, boosting team morale, investing in networking, and marketing your summer associate program

#1 – Prepare now for increased demand in warmer months

During the summer months, some legal issues are more likely to intensify or arise. Think of family law matters, personal injury cases, real estate sales, and employment disputes. 

Law firms can take proactive steps now to prepare for the increased demand for legal services that typically arises during the summer months. 

Allocate resources: Review your staffing levels to ensure you have enough resources in place to handle a surge in workload. 

Increase visibility strategically: Evaluate your marketing strategies and identify opportunities to increase your brand’s visibility in areas that may experience an uptick in demand. This might include a well-placed OOH advertisement or a few targeted blog posts

By taking these steps now, law firms can position themselves to meet the needs of clients and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the busy summer season.

#2 – Set aside time for networking (and creating content about it)

Good weather means more socializing. From fancy dinners and golf tournaments to conferences and educational seminars, summer is rife with opportunities for lawyers to expand their professional networks. Lawyers should come prepared with business cards and a clear message about their practice. 

Following up with new contacts after the event is key. In addition, events are great fodder for social media, as your attendance demonstrates your expertise and showcases your personality. Posting event-related content can help you reach more potential clients and validate referrals. 

Start now and schedule out important industry events in your calendar—and begin brainstorming with your marketing team about how you could turn the event into content. 

#3 – Get your game face on for recruitment season

Summer is a popular time for law firms to recruit new talent from the pool of law school graduates. If you offer a summer associate program or internship, now is the time to kickstart your efforts to net great candidates.

Revamp your summer program: Make sure you’re offering the right perks to stay competitive with other firms. Create a positive and engaging work environment with something unique that will boost your chances of retaining them for full-time positions.

Market your program aggressively: Create online content that showcases your summer program. This might be a blog post that explains a typical day, or it could be a video with a former associate. It’s also important to establish relationships with law schools and participate in career fairs early on, so you can connect directly with students who may be a good fit for your firm.

#4 – Raise the team’s morale and be flexible 

When the sun is out, it can be downright depressing to spend all day in the office! So don’t let your ambitious goals hamper your team’s morale. 

Flexibility: Studies show that flexible schedules can actually boost productivity and improve motivation—so give your staff ample opportunities to recharge this summer. Consider offering half-day Fridays or extended lunch breaks to help your team enjoy the warmer weather and spend more time with family and friends. 

Team-building: Organize a company picnic or fair-weather outing. 

Prioritize work-life balance. You may find that summer flexibility makes your employees happier, which leads to better results for your clients. Happier employees tend to stick around longer, too. 

#5 – Evaluate your strategy and plan for the rest of the year 

For many law firms, summer falls right in the middle of their fiscal year. This makes it the perfect opportunity to take stock of progress and pivot accordingly. 

If you’re a firm for whom summer is a quieter time, take advantage of life without the distractions of a heavy caseload. Do a mini-retreat to analyze your financials and reflect on your business strategies. 

Then, make important decisions to reposition your firm for success in the rest of the year. Cut costs if necessary, or invest in higher-yield tactics like SEO. Identify your competition and research new markets or practice areas. Conduct a client survey to get more data or inspire more referrals.

Review and next steps

As lawyers, you have a responsibility to serve your clients with excellence year-round. However, sometimes your tactics need to change with the seasons.

Make the most of the summer months now to grow your law firm in the future. Whether you’re a seasoned partner or just starting out on your own, these strategies can help you improve your practice, nurture relationships, and recharge your spirits. 

If you need an expert in your corner, Omnizant is ready to help you grow your firm in every stage, every season.

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