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SEO for Lawyers: The Ultimate Guide to Help Your Site Rank Better

Want to get more traffic to your website? Think like Google. In this guide, Omnizant’s marketing experts explore guidelines from the search engine giant and best practices for optimizing your law firm’s website.

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Uncovering the True Total Cost of Website Ownership for Attorneys

If you ask five attorneys what they’re paying for their websites, you’ll get five different answers. In this guide, we outline what expenses you should expect to pay to maintain a dynamic, secure and accessible website.

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Eight Questions To Ask Before You Hire an SEO Company

There is no shortage of marketing agencies vying for your firm’s business. In this guide, we explore a number of questions that will help you separate the good from bad and ensure you’re making a sound investment with a reputable agency.

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Optimizing Your Firm’s Google Business Profile

When claimed and optimized correctly, your Google Business Profile can help to seriously enhance your firm’s online visibility. Omnizant’s search experts share a step-by step-guide to claiming and optimizing your firm’s GBP.

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Google Business Profiles for Law Firms: Optimizing Your Profile for Maximum Visibility
March 2, 2023 at 2:00pm
Featured Expert: Eric Warncke, Omnizant’s Director of SEO

SEO for Attorneys in 2023: Best Practices for Improving Your Site’s Ranking
Featured Expert: Eric Warncke, Omnizant’s Director of SEO

ADA Compliance: Internet Accessibility, Effective Communication and Your Law Firm’s Website
Featured Expert: Attorney William Goren

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