We’re not just a website development shop or an SEO company; Omnizant is a full-service digital marketing agency for law firms. The real distinction here is that we take a holistic approach to legal marketing. We focus on the bigger picture, assessing your growth goals and providing you with a comprehensive plan, and a single team of diverse professionals, that will help you grow your practice.

Since 2006, we’ve worked with 2,000 law firms across the country specializing in just about every area of law. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of marketing services, including:

Why work with a full-service agency?

Since we don’t limit our focus to one area of digital marketing, we deliver a cohesive web presence and growth strategy for the firms we serve. Our depth of experience gives your firm more flexibility even after your website and initial campaigns are launched; if you decide to ramp up your marketing efforts and want to try video marketing, for example, we’ve got experts for that so you don’t have to research, vet and get started with another vendor. If you decide you’ve reached capacity and can’t take on new cases, just let us know and we can scale back your campaigns accordingly. We’re your one-stop shop to meet you where you are today and help you get where you want to be tomorrow.

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Attorney Website Design 

Building great websites for law firms isn’t just something we do professionally, it’s our passion. It’s why we’ve won more website awards than any other legal marketing agency.

As SEO has surged in popularity, appreciation for good website design has seemingly fallen by the wayside at many legal marketing agencies. In fact, some see website development as a loss leader — just one way to sell other services. At Omnizant, attorney websites aren’t a means to an end; your firm’s website is a reflection of your people, your expertise and the value you deliver to clients and in today’s digital world, there is no greater asset.

Leveraging the collective expertise of a team of in-house designers, we create sites that attract, educate and ultimately convert visitors. The key to our success (and yours)? An unrivaled passion for good design, reverence for the user experience and a commitment to creating an inclusive site for all visitors.

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Lead Generation for Law Firms

For the majority of Americans, online research is an essential part of the attorney selection process. If you’re looking to grow your practice, having an expansive digital presence in your community is a requirement. At Omnizant, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to maximizing the reach of your practice and generating leads to fill your pipeline.

Some of the firms we work with need new business from the web immediately while others want to invest in a long-term strategy. Our team of experts will work closely with your firm to understand your business needs and create a custom plan to help you grow. Leveraging both Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Advertising, we can help you generate leads quickly while also optimizing your site to rank well with the search engines (also known as organic results)  for widely used keywords.

Brand Awareness for Law Firms 

While a professional website is an important representation of your firm online, we recognize that not all practices want or require lead generation. If your firm generates the majority of your business offline, your growth goals might include expanding your brand visibility so that when a referral searches for your practice or an individual attorney at the firm, your website or the attorney’s blog is front and center.

Social media marketing, and leveraging channels like Facebook and LinkedIn, can also be a great way to increase exposure among clients and colleagues so you remain top of mind for future referral opportunities.

At Omnizant, we specialize in strengthening your online presence and equipping you with high-engagement content (including video) to ensure that every touchpoint is optimized for the right audience, whoever that might be for your unique firm.

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