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Legal Marketing

Bottom of the Funnel Systems

Converting leads into clients is a delicate process—but no moment is more delicate than signing that retainer agreement. Strong bottom of the funnel systems can help you close more deals. Attracting prospects is not the whole game! You need a robust bottom of the funnel system to actually get people signed.  Here are five things...
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Social Media Posts and Your Firm’s GBP

Google’s latest update now showcases your social media posts directly on your Business Profile. This means more exposure, more engagement and more opportunities for your business.  Your social media presence is critical for online success—but it’s now more important than ever, in light of Google’s decision. Don’t underestimate the significance of this update, and don’t...
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Website Design

Formatting Techniques for Long-Form Content

Long-form content, short attention spans—what to do? Formatting is the unsung hero that keeps readers hooked with dense and lengthy content.  While this piece covers helpful tips for breaking up lengthy content, we must underscore that formatting is not a substitute for careful planning and editing. Make sure your text is strategically organized and concise...
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