Social Media for Law Firms

The number of law firms utilizing social media for increased online visibility has grown substantially since 2012, and firms that fail to embrace these channels are missing out on key opportunities to expand their online presence. Our social media marketing plans are tailored to each firm’s individual growth objectives and work in tandem with other marketing efforts to boost visibility. As with any of our services, we carefully follow best practices and ethical guidelines to ensure that compliance is never an issue.

Social media process on a timeline

Our Process:


1. Analyze and Strategize

For those starting with existing social media accounts, we will begin by reviewing insights from those platforms to identify strengths and weaknesses. If you are starting from scratch, we will select the proper social media platforms for your firm and create those accounts. From there, we optimize the design of your firm’s profiles and work to create attractive, cohesive branding across all accounts.

2. Content

Each month we create a detailed custom content calendar that is sent to you for review before the beginning of the month. We will review existing webpage content for repurposing opportunities and syndicate any new content that is created. We work to create a well-balanced content strategy tailored to your target audience and practice area. Types of material we use include social media graphics, infographics, news headlines, firm announcements and more.

3. Campaigns and Promotions

We are experienced in running effective and compliant advertisements across all social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Ask us about the various types of campaigns that are available for your practice area and preferred channels.

4. Detailed Monitoring and Reporting

By closely monitoring and reviewing which strategies and content types are most successful from month to month, we can increase traffic, engagement, and the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. At the end of each month, you’re provided with detailed reporting so that you can review progress as well.

5. Review and Reputation Management

Your firm’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets when it comes to lead generation, and our goal is to help you protect it. Our team will notify you of all new reviews that are received and alert you to any negative reviews that need an immediate response.

6. Support

To ensure that you are always informed and connected, we offer unlimited email support. Our team is always available to answer your questions, address concerns or field your content requests.

Recommended Platforms for Attorneys

social media accounts for Roman & Piccinnini, PLLC


With approximately 1.32 billion daily active users, Facebook is key to a successful social media strategy. Because more than half of the American population checks their Facebook account more than several times per day, it remains the best choice for syndicating content and reaching a targeted audience through paid advertising. Previous clients also have the opportunity to leave reviews on Facebook, which is essential in boosting your firm’s online reputation.

Potential clients researching your firm’s credibility will look to your Facebook business page to better understand your practice areas and role in the community. Your syndicated content will show that your firm remains current on industry news and give prospective clients a first look at your firm’s personality.


There are currently an estimated 24.5 million company pages on LinkedIn, and for good reason. Creating and maintaining a company page allows you to showcase your firm’s achievements, publish content, share company updates and engage with a large community of professionals. For firms in the B2B space, having a LinkedIn page is essential for standing out from the competition. In fact, 64% of social referrals to corporate websites come from LinkedIn.

The network also provides an excellent opportunity for attorneys to network with other legal professionals and increase the number of peer referrals. The platform also provides a unique forum for posting articles and establishing your firm as an industry thought leader. By taking advantage of LinkedIn Pulse and SlideShare, attorneys can leverage their content to a variety of new audiences. Joining groups for specific practice areas is also a common practice among attorneys utilizing LinkedIn for networking purposes.


Twitter has 335 million monthly active users. The platform is best known for short-form content that is easily digested quickly by audiences, with each post only allowing for 280 characters. It is an excellent channel for sharing links to newly published website content, quick tips, as well as visual content. Also, evergreen content thrives on Twitter, and due to the fast-moving nature of posts, it is expected.

Another benefit of Twitter is the ability to target specific audiences with the use of strategically placed hashtags. Twitter’s advanced search capabilities allow for larger audiences and potential clients searching for relevant content to locate both profiles and posts from those hashtags.

Up and Coming Platforms for Law Firms


The number of law firms utilizing Instagram as a social media platform has grown significantly in the past year. When used appropriately, the platform can be beneficial in growing brand awareness and recognition for firms in a variety of practice areas. While content posted is strictly visual in form, Instagram provides a unique opportunity to showcase a firm’s culture and identity.


It’s no secret that video content rules the social media world, and YouTube is the leading platform, not just for video, but for search as well. Law firms of all sizes seeking to establish a successful presence on social media will need to consider creating some form of video content. Our marketing team can help to create a list of video content ideas and help you develop a plan for capturing footage.

Making Content Reach Further and Last Longer

From blog posts to videos, we make sure that firms always get the most out of each piece of content. We repurpose each asset into multiple formats and share it across appropriate social media platforms. By transforming each piece of content, we help your firm reach a larger audience.

One of the best examples of how our repurposing strategy can help a firm’s content reach further and last longer is blog posts. Both old and new posts are turned into infographics, social media graphics, and slide decks. Additionally, new headers are created regularly so that posts can become evergreen content and be shared multiple times. Long-form blog posts are also broken down into multiple posts and shared as part of a themed series.

Other types of content can benefit from this same method of repurposing as well. For example, video content can be trimmed down to make several shorter clips or even GIFs that are optimized for sharing across various platforms. Testimonials and case wins can be transformed into eye-catching social media graphics. These are only a few ways in which we can refresh existing content, boost engagement for new content, and ensure that firms get the maximum amount of return on investment from their content.

Contact us to learn more about how we can increase your firm’s visibility with social media.