The number of law firms utilizing social media for increased online visibility has grown substantially since 2012, and firms that fail to embrace these channels are missing out on key opportunities to expand their online presence. Our social media marketing plans are tailored to each firm’s individual growth objectives and work in tandem with other marketing efforts to boost visibility. As with any of our services, we carefully follow best practices and ethical guidelines to ensure that compliance is never an issue.

Timeline from Analyze, to content creation, to campaigns, to monitoring to reviews and support

Our Process

Analyze and Strategize

For those starting with existing social media accounts, we will begin by reviewing insights from those platforms to identify strengths and weaknesses. If you are starting from scratch, we will select the proper social media platforms for your firm and create those accounts. From there, we optimize the design of your firm’s profiles and work to create attractive, cohesive branding across all accounts.


Each month we create a detailed custom content calendar that is sent to you for review before the beginning of the month. We will review existing webpage content for repurposing opportunities and syndicate any new content that is created. We work to create a well-balanced content strategy tailored to your target audience and practice area. Types of material we use include social media graphics, infographics, news headlines, firm announcements and more.

Campaigns and Promotions

We are experienced in running effective and compliant advertisements across all social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Ask us about the various types of campaigns that are available for your practice area and preferred channels.

Detailed Monitoring and Reporting

By closely monitoring and reviewing which strategies and content types are most successful from month to month, we can increase traffic, engagement, and the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. At the end of each month, you’re provided with detailed reporting so that you can review progress as well.

Review and Reputation Management

Your firm’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets when it comes to lead generation, and our goal is to help you protect it. Our team will notify you of all new reviews that are received and alert you to any negative reviews that need an immediate response.


To ensure that you are always informed and connected, we offer unlimited email support. Our team is always available to answer your questions, address concerns or field your content requests.