Captivating Your Audience: Lessons that Law Firms Can Learn from Netflix

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

For 223 million people and an average stream time of 3.2 hours per day, Netflix is more than a platform—it’s an escape. This clever content machine aims to captivate you and keep you watching for hours…and hours and hours and hours. 

What can we learn from Netflix as legal professionals and marketers? From captivating websites to clever content discovery mechanisms and pricing transparency, we think Netflix’s approach is worth a closer look. 

Here are four valuable business lessons that law firms can learn from Netflix.

1. You don’t have to go with the status quo 

Nobody thought Netflix would succeed in the early days. Even Blockbuster turned them down.

The initial business model for Netflix was radically different from anything else on the market. However, their idea for a home delivery system was grounded in real knowledge of the industry and an informed vision of the future of entertainment. 

They knew that people hate late fees and crave convenience, so they built something that had never been done before. From the start, the Netflix team wanted to create something unique—and they continue to evolve this concept while sticking to their grand vision (aka 190 countries in 7 years).

When it comes to technology and embracing trends, the legal industry has always been very slow to adopt—but early adopters often come out ahead.

Takeaway for firms: Don’t be afraid to try something new with regard to digital marketing or service delivery. As long as it’s ethical, going outside the box could yield big rewards.

2. Do everything you can to become a valuable destination

Netflix is always adding new content to its massive collection. By underwriting their own content and licensing other people’s content, Netflix manages to put out a lot of content with frequent and regular additions.

You keep coming back to find the latest episodes of your favorite show, to discover a new show, watch a seasonal film, or re-watch your old favorites. On Netflix, you know you have a high chance of finding something you’ll love.

Firms can employ the same tactic by creating a destination for prospects, clients, and colleagues. Publish valuable content regularly that gives people what they want and invites them to come back for more. Aim for a balance of new insights and pillar content that will provide ongoing value—a real resource for clients.

Takeaway for firms: Make your law firm’s website a powerful content discovery tool. It should be an online destination where your target audience can come, stay, and return.

3. Personalization is powerful

Netflix looks slightly different for everyone because it tailors the online experience to the individual user. 

Let’s say you watch a lot of rom-coms. Netflix will remember this and suggest more rom-coms. It might even change the thumbnail images to reflect your affinity for rom-coms. For example, the thumbnail for Stranger Things might be an image of Joyce and Hopper on your account whereas your comedy-loving brother might see an image of the kids dressed up as Ghostbusters instead.

Personalization makes people feel special, whether they’re looking for a TV show or looking for a lawyer.

Takeaway for firms: Leverage data to create a personalized experience for your online visitors. At the very least, include relevant content on your website that addresses your audience’s desires and pain points.

4. Provide a consistent, transparent user experience

You can access the Netflix platform and your programming from any device with Internet access. Whether you’re on a train, a plane, or a couch, the Netflix experience is consistent across all devices. The website works as smoothly on mobile devices as it does on your TV.

You know what to expect when you log onto Netflix. The user onboarding process is simple, the pricing is transparent, and the browsing experience is straightforward. There are no gimmicks or tricks.

Meet the user where they are, wherever they are. A good user experience that works well across all devices is always better than a complicated, unpredictable user experience. Your site should be easy to understand whether your visitor is tired or alert, distracted or focused, in transit or at home. Set appropriate expectations so that visitors aren’t disappointed.

Takeaway for firms: Provide a consistent, simple, and transparent user experience for online visitors. Remove any point of friction that could lead to fewer conversions.

Review and next steps

Attention is currency in today’s world, and Netflix has a lot to teach us about how to attract and retain attention:

  • Doing things differently can help you succeed
  • Ongoing content production creates ongoing value
  • Personalized online experiences are memorable and sticky
  • Consistency and transparency create trust and loyalty

You captivate in the courtroom, we captivate online. If you’re ready to propel your practice, get a quote and find out just how captivating your online presence can be.

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