Creating a Cohesive Digital Presence

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your business. But cohesiveness among your digital properties is actually a much stronger way to build your legal empire than putting your best foot forward with one very impressive website.

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Now, we’ll be the first to preach the power of a well-designed website, but the truth is that the attorney selection process is rarely linear. On the way to retaining your firm, a prospect may first click on your Google Business Profile, your website, then your Facebook page, then back to your website, for example.

Here’s the danger: If all your digital properties look like they don’t belong in the same family, your prospects may lose interest in retaining you. 

Luckily, it’s relatively easy to address cohesion problems. Start by finding out what makes a cohesive digital presence, which digital properties you need to consider, and what you should tweak or keep the same.

What makes a cohesive digital presence?

When we talk about having a cohesive web presence, we really mean that your image and messaging are the same across all platforms. 

If you have a cohesive digital presence, there is no doubt about who you are, what you do, and how you can help prospects—regardless of where someone lands first. 

Let’s say you started with a Twitter page, then you built a website, and now you’re adding a newsletter and a TikTok account. Your branding, logos, tone, and unique value proposition (UVP) should be the same across all platforms. New York personal injury attorneys, Miller, Montiel and Strano, are a great example of a firm that does this well. If you look at the practice’s website, social media accounts and Google Business Profile, you’ll find consistency across the board. 

The opposite of a cohesive digital presence is a disjointed or even contradictory presence where each platform tells a different story about your business. For instance, you might still have an old logo on your Twitter account or you might not have a bilingual version of your newsletter even though you provide legal services in two languages.

Digital properties to consider

Remember to think comprehensively about your digital presence. Leave nothing out!

Cohesion requires far more than using the same profile picture on your Twitter and Instagram accounts. It’s about ensuring cohesiveness between every single digital property where a prospect could encounter your brand on their user journey.

Here are some digital properties that your firm may need to tweak

Some tweaks are necessary to adjust your brand to each platform

It’s important to note that some things may need to be tweaked to fit the platform. 

For instance, your Twitter profile cannot be as elaborate as your firm’s profile on your website—and it shouldn’t be! That’s because your Twitter visitors and your website visitors want different things from their online interaction with your brand.

Your call-to-action might be slightly different on each platform, too, depending on what the data is telling you about conversion tracking and your goals for that platform.

But some things should be the same on each and every property

Consistency and recognizability matter a lot in a crowded digital space. So, let’s talk about what needs to stay the same across your digital properties.

Logo: While you may need a few different versions to adjust to the dimension requirements of each platform, your logo should be the same (or easily recognizable) on every platform. If you update your logo in one place, update it everywhere.

Images: Use the same image or similar images on each platform. From header images to headshots, using the same great photos will encourage immediate recognizability and give you an edge over your competitors.

Contact information: Make sure your office hours, phone number, physical address, and email address are correct and consistent across all platforms. Uncertainty about how to reach you is a major factor in discouraging prospects from reaching out. 

UVP / differentiators: For example, if one of your differentiators is that every single member of your team from your receptionist to your managing partner is bilingual, make sure that your email signature appears in both languages. 

The seemingly small things matter here!

Make your logo and UVP immediately evident wherever you exist online, and you’ll reap the benefits of a cohesive brand experience across channels.

Review and next steps

While it’s natural for each digital property to reflect the knowledge you had when you launched it, you do need to come back and consolidate them into one cohesive presence. 

Have you been putting off this task because you know you want to rebrand or you need a new website? Have you been feeling like your website is hindering your growth instead of encouraging it?

We can help! Law firm website design and digital marketing strategy are what we do. If we can help you improve and integrate your digital properties with data-backed tactics and expert support, please reach out to Omnizant.

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