Do You Know the Answers to These 6 Marketing Questions? You Should.

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

When you were in law school, you might not have thought about the need to market when you became an attorney. However, once you started practicing, the reality set in that in order to be a lawyer, you need clients, and gaining new clients requires marketing your practice. Time available to market may be in short supply, but you can make the most of it if you have the knowledge base to at least be able to answer these very important marketing questions:

Overall Business Development Questions

How many leads do you get each month and where did they come from?

These may come in the form of calls, website submissions, or emails from referral sources. In order to understand where you should allocate your limited marketing resources, it’s imperative that you know where you’re getting your leads. Implement a system for tracking your leads so you know whether they are coming from your website, referral sources, print ads, directory listings, or somewhere else. Find the sources of your leads and you have found where to focus your marketing efforts.

Who is your number one referral source?

Your referral sources are those individuals and companies who are bringing clients to your doorstep. This type of resource is incredibly valuable and should be treated as such. Keep a thorough record of who is referring clients to your firm and always be able to identify your top three. Make sure you acknowledge what they do for you and that you are trying to bring value to them as well.

Important Questions Regarding Your Website

Which keywords is your site optimized for?

The fundamental question behind all website development projects is “who exactly do you want to reach with this website?” Once you have answered this question, it’s important that you know what search terms or queries your ideal clients are searching for in Google. An experienced SEM or SEO consultant can help with this research.

How does your firm rank in local searches?

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. It’s important that you regularly assess your site’s current ranking so you can easily identify any drops and determine what can be done to recover from it.

Which website pages are visitors going to and staying on? Which pages are they exiting?

First impressions are everything. It’s important that you create pages that make a powerful, and lasting, first impression. If your site isn’t good at delivering value or connecting with the right individuals, the average length of a visit will be short. It is also good to know what pages will bring in repeat visitors. Know which pages are generating the most interest for website visitors to gauge what is most effective about your site.

Some pages are expected to have a greater number of exits. For example, your contact form may provide visitors with your phone number or allow them to submit a contact request, after which most hop off your site and wait to be contacted. However, on some pages, high exit rates can be a big indication that something just isn’t right. By monitoring these rates through Google Analytics, you can identify poor content quality or errors.

How are visitors engaging on your website?

In addition to inquiries regarding your services from visitors, how many engage in other ways (e.g. subscribe to your e-newsletter, request a special report or register for an upcoming event)? In building your website, you want to make certain that you have ways to engage individuals before they are ready to sign that retainer agreement. It’s important that you understand how effective these engagement strategies are in converting visitors to leads.

These are just some of the basic marketing questions your firm needs to be informed about. If you need to gain a better perspective, our team of legal marketing professionals will work with you to take your firm a step beyond your competitors.

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