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Attorney Biographies: Presenting Your Best Self

Attorney biographies are arguably the most important piece of your law firm’s website. Prospective clients visiting your website will look for information about your practice areas and the location of your office, ultimately wanting to know about how you, and any other members of your firm that they might come into contact with, are qualified to represent them.

It’s important to use your profile to not only convey your qualifications, but to help prospective clients learn more about why you are a good fit for them and their legal matters. To do this, you should include professional information such as your education, experience, achievements and any personal interests that provide insights into your character and personality. Also mention any bar and trade association memberships, publications and awards, pro bono work and community involvement. You might also want to provide some background about why you chose to focus on your particular practice area.  Your personality will also shine through in your attorney headshot. It goes without saying that without a professional photograph, you are missing a vital way to make a good first impression on your visitors.

Depending on the clientele you work with, you may wish to highlight certain aspects in your profile over others. For instance, if you are a business attorney trying to attract start-ups looking to be acquired, they may be interested to know that you graduated from a prestigious school and have experience working at some of the top law firms in New York City. However, if you are an estate planning attorney in Albuquerque, prospective clients may care more about your compassion for the work that you do, rather than the law school you graduated from.

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s important to separate yourself from the attorney next door by promoting your unique approach to working with clients and solving their cases. An example of a successful attorney biography comes from our client, Peter G. Lennington, Esq., an estate planning attorney:

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Once the necessary experience and qualifications to take on the representation has been established, prospective clients are more likely to choose an attorney they like and trust. This is why displaying your personality on your bio can make a difference in gaining new business. The more you are willing to share who you are and why you are best-suited to represent them, the more likely your client will be able to connect with you, instilling a good first step in establishing a successful attorney-client relationship.