Thought Leadership Content: Setting Your Practice Apart

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

The objective of a well-designed content marketing strategy for a practicing attorney is to attract new clients. Given the inherent competitive pressures of the legal industry, it is essential to attract an audience by creating thought leadership content. Put simply, this is information that displays the talent and expertise of your team in the form of distinctive practice area summaries, timely blog posts and compelling videos. In short, by establishing your firm and its attorneys as thought leaders, you can maximize the impact of your content.

Thought Leadership 101
Content marketing is not about advertising, but rather offering insights and ideas that set you apart from your competitors. At the same time, it is important not to alienate potential clients with a lot of legal jargon. This requires being mindful of your audience and writing in a way that is professional yet approachable. Your mission is to provide the best answers to their questions. It is crucial that readers understand your content so that your message connects and calls them to act.

Beyond Blogging
The purpose of a blog is not to declare that your firm is the best; besides, most people won’t buy it. Instead, the goal is to hijack the news – referred to as “newsjacking.” This requires actively monitoring the news, and crafting articles about trending topics and noteworthy cases. By offering a unique perspective on these events, you can demonstrate how your firm is the leader in your field. Given that the media is often filled with a steady stream of legal news, there are ample opportunities to newsjack current events into your content.

The Power of Social Media
Everyone’s doing it, whether on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and your firm needs to harness the power of social media. Blogs, articles, announcements and press releases should not only be posted on your firm’s website, but its Facebook page as well. In addition, your Twitter handle can be deployed to tweet on breaking news and provide links back to your site. Lastly, because LinkedIn is a premier platform for business-to-business marketing (B2B), it is the ideal space to publish your content as well as to drop links to attorney articles that have been published on your site.

The Takeaway
Today, while many law firms continue to invest in print and TV advertising, content marketing is the most expedient and cost-effective tactic to attract an audience. When people have a question about a legal matter, they typically search for answers on Google. With a well-designed content marketing strategy in place, you can maximize your firm’s search engine visibility. Once potential clients are directed to your site, your content should provide answers to their questions, establish you as a thought leader, and encourage them to engage your services.

Thought Leadership at Omnizant
Omnizant is the leading web design and marketing firm serving the legal community. We create best-in-class websites and provide superior content marketing solutions that drive our clients’ visibility. We develop cost-effective, online systems custom tailored for law firms to make certain they are recognized, retained and referred. Our team of marketers, designers, writers, and attorneys are innovative thought leaders who have helped over 1,000 practices achieve success.

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Since 2006, Omnizant's team of digital marketing experts, designers, developers and writers has helped over 2,000 law firms develop powerful websites that drive business growth.