3 Things You Should Consider To Keep Your Law Firm Website Current

Your website is a visual representation of your law firm and as such, you always want to put your best foot forward. This means keeping your legal website as up to date as possible. Did you know that websites have a shelf life of about three years? They begin to lose their effectiveness if new updates and search engine optimization trends are not implemented. Not only are updated websites more user-friendly, but they perform better and are more visible in search engines. Google values updated websites because they know they are generally more helpful than stale websites that have failed to continually make improvements and changes.

A refreshed website also makes your firm look more trustworthy. A website can quickly look outdated and out of touch when updates are not made. You want to look professional and knowledgeable about the most current legal issues. Make sure your legal website shows this.

You can make the most of your website updates by keeping these three important considerations in mind:

  1. Update content. New content on your legal website is good for search engine optimization, improving your Google rankings, and increasing your online visibility. Make sure your updated content is focused on topics and queries that prospective clients are searching for in the form of blog posts, practice area content and FAQs. Your potential clients want a thought leader as their lawyer and someone who can address their legal concerns. Showcase your extensive and up-to-date legal knowledge in your website content.
  2. Fresh design. A renewed website design will include new visuals, mobile use compatibility, increased responsiveness, and ease of navigation. Visitors to your site do not want a frustrating website experience. If they are on their mobile device and your website is not user friendly or easy to navigate, they will leave it immediately and you will lose the potential  to retain a new client. Always check your website’s accessibility and update your forms to increase user engagement.
  3. Secure platform. To safeguard your website from hackers, you need to always make sure you are operating on a secure platform. Update your website and check that your security settings are always at the highest levels. You have put time and effort into creating an effective website. Do not let any security issues wipe this out.

Consult with the legal marketing professionals at Omnizant for all of your online needs. The team at Omnizant will optimize your web presence and make sure that your website showcases all of the benefits your law firm has to offer.