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Why Content Is King

In January 1996, American software developer and entrepreneur Bill Gates published an essay entitled “Content is King.” Who knew that over 25 years later, content marketers would still be throwing this phrase around when developing effective digital marketing strategies for brands worldwide. But, is it time we shift gears? Should content still be considered king?

There are various types of content that modern digital marketing campaigns use, like blogs, videos, podcasts, and infographics. Not only is content used as a means to build your online presence, but it is also meant to be consumed by users. 

All types of content should have a goal; most often content goals are: to inform, engage, or even entertain your audience. If you plan to connect with your clients online, then you need to have content on your website that is informative and valuable to them. 

While “Content is King” is considered a cliché, it is still relevant for various marketing campaigns. Below, we highlight some of the reasons why content is king, and how you can best use content in your legal digital marketing strategy. 

1. Content Builds Trust with Clients

No matter what kind of law you practice, there always needs to be an element of trust between you and your clients. Content is a great tool that can help to build trust among potential and existing clients – if you use it properly. 

Most visitors to your website are there because they have a legal issue that needs a resolution. Whether they need help drafting an estate plan or advice on a loved one’s criminal charges, potential and existing clients are using your website to get information. As they look to learn more about their legal issue at hand, they’re also trying to see if you are the best fit to help them with these matters.

High-quality content is a great way to highlight your skills and knowledge of your field. Informative, comprehensive articles or videos can position you as a thought leader, which will ultimately help build trust with site visitors and show that they can rely on you and your law firm. 

2. Content Helps Establish Your Law Firm’s Brand and Personality

Every law practice is unique, and your content should show that. You can use content to highlight your law firm’s mission and goals, as well as any unique selling points that set you apart from your competitors. 

Content can also help to establish your law firm’s tone and overall voice. If you want your audience to view you as an aggressive personal injury attorney who will fight for your client’s rights, you can use certain language throughout your website that highlights the sentiment. Or, if you want to be viewed as compassionate and empathetic, you can use certain imagery and statements that convey that. 

The more content you publish that is consistent with your law firm’s brand, the more likely clients and colleagues will recognize it.

3. Content Helps Your Search Engine Rankings and Increases Organic Traffic

Publishing content that is relevant to your audience can help your website be found by search engines like Google. Search engines favor high-quality, thoughtful content when determining page rankings. If you are producing content on topics that are directed toward your audience’s needs, then you are increasing the likelihood of high rankings. High rankings in search engine result also increase the likelihood of high website traffic as well. 

Not only is high-quality content a factor in search engine rankings, but how often you published content is a factor as well. Publishing content regularly on your website indicates to search engines that your website is active. If you aren’t publishing regularly, then your website will seem like it doesn’t have up-to-date information for your readers, which may harm your site’s rankings overall.

4. Content Brings in Leads and Results in Conversions

When Bill Gates wrote his essay in 1996, he expressed that content is where most of the “real money” will be generated on the internet. Well, he was right. Content is the driving force behind most, if not all, marketing campaigns. Without it, it can be difficult for clients to find your website and learn about what you have to offer. And, if you are creating content that is relevant to your services and appeals to your target audience, you are likely going to bring in quality leads. 

With content, you can target potential clients who are searching for your services, which will eventually lead to an increase in quality leads for your law firm. An increase in quality leads should result in more business for your law firm. 

Need Help Getting Started? Ask Our Experts

We may roll our eyes at the phrase “Content is King,” but we cannot deny that it is still a highly relevant part of every digital marketing campaign. If you have any questions about how to best use content in your legal digital marketing strategy, ask one of our experts today!