Where Is The Best Place On My Website For Reviews?

Most of us know that reviews are a key ingredient in business success. Reviews can increase the perceived trustworthiness of a company, shorten the time to make a purchase decision, and help convert website traffic into clients.

Reviews are a form of “social proof,” a term coined by Robert Cialdini, author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Social proof is defined as when people copy the actions of others in order to attempt the correct behavior in a given situation. Businesses can influence potential customers to purchase a product or service by providing them with social proof.

When it comes to the effectiveness of reviews, visibility is key. In some cases, clients may leave a review on a public platform such as Google or Facebook. But what about the feedback that is shared with your office through surveys or even a thank you email? Reviews can also be incredibly compelling content for your firm’s website, increasing a visitor’s time on site. Unless your client left a review on a public platform such as Google or Facebook, no one else will be able to see how great you are! Reviews also increase a visitor’s time on site. Visitors will take time scrolling through and reading reviews directly on your website without being redirected to another location. This is why it’s crucial to add positive reviews to your website.

NOTE: Posting reviews may be subject to rules governing attorney marketing in your state. Please review your local rules to ensure compliance.

Here are our top three places to showcase client reviews on your website:

1. A tab in the main menu of your website.

Website Screenshot of Palumbo Law

2. On the sidebar throughout your website with reviews focused on the page topic whenever possible.Website screenshot of Bresky Law Firm

3. Embed a carousel on your homepage.

Website screenshot of JCG&G

Ultimately, the choice is yours on where to feature your client testimonials and reviews. Each of these three placements will get the point across and make your views visible to new visitors. First impressions are vital, so displaying a testimonial on the homepage may be the best choice. However, by showcasing these reviews in any format on your website, you will assure the visitor that if they choose to work with you they won’t regret it.