The Importance of Reviewing and Updating Your Website Content

It’s a digital marketing mantra that “content is king.” But content that is old and outdated will have an adverse impact on your search engine rankings. If you want to continue driving traffic to your website, updating old content is essential. In short, there are several reasons to review and update older website content.

Feed the Search Engines Fresh Content

Google and other search engines prefer fresh content; not just new content but updated content as well. When Google identifies recently published content – new or revamped –  it will crawl and index your site and boost your search engine traffic. 

Rewrite Poorly Written Content

You may have whip-smart wordsmiths writing your content, but when you review old content, you’re bound to find typos and grammar mistakes here and there. In any event, poorly written content will affect the user experience and cause your readers to lose trust. By revisiting your old content, you can clean up mistakes, trim the fat, and make the pages more readable. 

Remove or Update Links

If your content links to high domain authority websites, make sure there are no broken links, which can affect your Google rankings. The sites you linked to previously may have been changed or taken down. In addition to fixing broken links, you may also be able to link to newer resources with more recent data and references, increasing the value of your content.

Reoptimize for the Right Keywords

If your content is not performing well for the keywords you chose originally, performing additional keyword research will allow you to reoptimize site pages for the right keywords, boosting your results.

Your Content May Contain Outdated Information

Make sure the information in your content is up-to-date, especially if you did not have all the information when you originally published a page. If you have a legal website, for example, you may have previously written about a court decision that was reversed on appeal. So, updating that content or writing a new post linking back to the original will ensure your information is current. Remember, your content is not only read by users and crawled by Google, your peers may be reading it as well.

Your Content Is Not Generating Search Traffic

Reviewing your analytics will allow you to see which posts are not generating traffic. Determine which pages of content have the strongest potential value and start updating those to improve your results on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Add Images To Your Content 

If your old content is limited to words, adding visual images will break up blocks of text, which will make the pages more appealing, help readers process the information, and increase user engagement.

The Takeaway

Because old content loses its value, it is crucial to review and update your content. Doing so will result in better search engine rankings, more traffic, new clients finding your website – and more client conversions. And that’s the bottom line.