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The 4 Types of Social Media Posts

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Knowing what to post to your law firm’s social media accounts can be difficult. It can feel even more difficult trying to post for your services, rather than a product. And being part of a professional services industry, there’s a fine line between professionalism and cliche. When planning your social media content, stick to the four types of social media posts to walk that line and keep your ideas fresh. Each type has its own goals to increase engagement with clients, colleagues and prospects. The four types are: Educational, Informational, Entertaining, and Persuasive. 


Educational posts should teach your audience something new. They may share information about a new law that went into effect, statistics, or industry news, etc.
Did you know that 52% of legal professionals use social media for client development? Your goal with an Educational post is to help your audience better understand why or how certain factors affect their legal rights. When you post something Educational, it indicates how trustworthy and knowledgeable your firm is.


Pay close attention to the differences between Informational and Educational posts. While Educational posts have to do with external factors, informational posts have to do with internal factors. Internal factors include anything that pertains to your firm or the individual audience member reading your post. When informing your audience, your goal is to instruct them to do something or consider what you are saying. Informational posts help your audience get to know your firm.


An Entertaining post is one that shows the personality of the firm! The goal is to produce content that resonates with your audience in a relatable way. For this reason, it is important to keep an eye on platform trends and community events. Connection is key, which is why businesses who are focused on building strong relationships with their clients, and social followers, have higher client retention rates and get recommended more.


The goal of a Persuasive post is to convince the audience why your firm is the best option. Consider the awards given to your attorneys, what the firm has been recognized for, past cases, etc. By promoting your firm’s achievements, you are establishing credibility with your audience. 

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When you go to post on your law firm’s social media accounts, consider how the post will spark conversation; how it will generate traffic to your website; how it will stimulate your followers to like and share; how it will add to your credibility. Read more about other social media strategies on our blog! 

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