Must-Have Pages for Converting More Visitors Into Leads

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

Remember the firm’s website will be the visitor’s first impression, so make it memorable.

You’re designing an eye-catching website but how does that translate to new leads? Conversion rate optimization is the answer. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of converting visitors into potential customers before they leave your website. To make that happen, let me walk you through the must-have pages every law firm website needs to grow its business.

A Testimonials page from happy clients is one of the best conversion tools. Visitors want to know how outstanding you are and who is better to express it than happy clients who have benefitted from your legal expertise. A strong, positive testimonial promotes your firm’s skills and credibility and lets visitors understand you better. A testimonial page with both written, and if possible, video testimonials is a must-have.

A Blog attracts visitors. Posting interesting blogs draws in potential clients, allowing you to illustrate how you can help them in parallel circumstances Readers of these articles will feel connected to your website if they can relate to the problems you cover. Including a contact form on the sidebar of the blog creates a call to action.

An About Our Firm page and Attorney Profiles are also important for conversion rate optimization. Visitors are looking for information that will help make them feel comfortable about taking the next steps with your firm. This is your chance to inspire trust and show your visitors how you have established credibility over the years. If possible, include a headshot or an image of the entire firm; this allows visitors to relate to you as a team.

Case Results pages establish your history of positive results. Visitors want to be assured that they are in the most capable hands possible when working with you and that you and your firm can deliver the outcome they want. If visitors like what they see, they will reach out to you.

Practice Area pages showcase in more detail what kind of legal services you offer. Each practice area should have its own exclusive page. Keep in mind that Google ranks individual pages, so if you have an individual page dedicated to a specific search keyword term, it will rank better than a page with a less specific focus.

Contact page is one of the most important pages on your website. This is typically one of the most frequently visited site pages. Ultimately, this is where you want your visitors to land so they will contact you. A contact form should be on every single page on your website. Visitors shouldn’t have to click around your website to find ways to contact you. A simple contact form is the best way to help potential clients get in touch easily.

Remember the firm’s website will be the visitor’s first impression, so make it memorable. Keep your website content fresh and up-to-date with information your visitors are eager to learn. It’s never too late to make changes or additions in order to provide a better user experience. Remember, converting visitors into potential clients is essential to your ongoing success.

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