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Content Marketing—Is It Worth the Investment for Law Firms?

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ROI can be difficult to assess with content marketing. For determined business owners, this can feel like a major barrier to investing money in content. It’s true, you should never spend money on ineffective, vague marketing tactics—but content marketing is well worth the investment if you understand the role it plays in generating business.

If you want to grow your business, you expect to see new revenue when you invest in marketing. While a PPC campaign has a pretty straightforward process for calculating ROI, content marketing can feel like a black hole with no direct ROI. 

This article offers a behind-the-scenes perspective on content marketing—because we don’t believe in asking business owners to spend money on things they don’t understand! 

While you’re unlikely to tie a new lead or case to a single blog post, that’s arguably a short-sighted way to think about marketing. We view content marketing as one touchpoint (a powerful touchpoint!) within the greater attorney selection process. It usually takes several touchpoints before most people retain a firm, and great content can be extremely effective. 

Keep reading to learn about four powerful ways in which content marketing can support the growth of your business—and why content marketing is definitely worth your investment.

How can I understand the value of content?

Measuring performance and quantifying results is possible with many aspects of marketing and website development. Pay per click (PPC) campaigns and website traffic give straightforward metrics that, frankly, feel really nice to review. You can easily assess the input and output of these tactics.

Content is not so easily quantified—because its value is ongoing, contextual, and increasing.

Try to think of content as an engagement tool. The purpose of content is to drive prospects further into your funnel. Content is far more than a simple equation of clicks. It can build relationships, increase your ranking in the search engine results pages, and create momentum for prospects. 

A smart content marketing strategy uses new posts, evergreen posts, client newsletters, and social media to establish a harmonious system that generates ongoing value. 

Content can help your site rank better

Unlike PPC, there is long-term value in organic content. 

Adding new, relevant content to your website is a critical component of law firm SEO.

While short-term growth strategies like PPC are good, long-term growth is better. Search engines assign higher rankings to sites that publish new, valuable content regularly. If you want your firm to be discoverable in organic search results, you must invest in great content. 

Content can help establish recognizability

Great content is more than just information. Many people underestimate the power of content because they see it as a simple competition to provide the best information.

Tone and core values are two components of great content—and infusing your content with your unique brand can help you stand out from the crowd.

To set yourself apart from your competitors, you need two things: brand awareness and trust. The right content can do both. Recognizability is how you will earn more business than other firms.

Content can help to drive conversations

A conversation can be a stepping stone to retaining your firm.

Good content sparks conversations, pulling prospects into the funnel and prompting them to reach out.

When someone reaches out to you after reading a piece of interesting content, the scene is set for you to gain a new client or book a new speaking opportunity. Don’t overlook the power of content to create connection (and business opportunities).

Content can be the backbone of other touchpoints

Have you ever struggled to figure out what to write in your nurture newsletters? Do you feel lost when trying to come up with social media posts?

Focused, high-quality content can be the foundation of other touchpoints throughout your business.

A touchpoint is an interaction that someone has with your brand or business. Rather than attempting to generate ideas from scratch—which often results in a scattered approach and inconsistent results—you can use your content strategy to guide you.

A steady stream of new content can be the backbone of a killer social media strategy, a consistent newsletter schedule, and an effective funnel for driving referrals.

Review and next steps

Content is extremely powerful, even though it can be difficult to quantify. Here are four key ways that investing in great content can help grow your business:

  • Content can help your site rank better
  • Content can help establish recognizability
  • Content can help to drive conversations
  • Content can be the backbone of other touchpoints

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