Where Does Content Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy?

What’s the difference between writing for lawyers and writing for other professionals?

Writing for attorneys requires learning about their practice areas, gleaning information from a variety of sources, including state and Federal statutes, and conveying complex information in a manner that is easily understandable. Given the nature of our service, it is essential to create content that is designed to maximize visibility while finding a tone that suits our clients’ needs. My other writing endeavors have been more freestyle and targeted for specific audiences.

What information should attorneys include in their biography? What should they leave out?

An attorney’s biography needs to highlight the essence of the practice, with particular emphasis on his or her approach to working with clients. The attorney’s expertise, professional and educational background, clerkships, bar and court admissions, achievements, awards and publications are primary features. In addition, any pro bono work and personal interests make for a well rounded biography.

Kyle Colona is one of our legal content writers. Kyle performs research and prepare summaries of a wide range of practice areas, writes blog posts on trending legal topics, and drafts attorney biographies. Prior to joining ZCM, he was a freelance writer providing white papers, news analysis and feature articles to a variety of media sites. Previously, Kyle’s professional experience was focused on legal and regulatory affairs in the financial services sector.