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OTT: Is It Time to Leverage This Form of Advertising?

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

A new survey reveals that two-thirds of marketers plan to spend even more money on OTT (over the top) advertising in the future. OTT for attorneys can be highly effective, but many of the attorneys we work with do not have a strong understanding of this medium. 

Here’s a basic introduction to OTT advertising, including how OTT works, why more advertisers are leveraging OTT, and how to decide if OTT is right for your law firm

What is OTT advertising? 

OTT advertising is the delivery of your ad via streaming media content, accessed via the Internet on a mobile phone, gaming console, tablet, or smart / connected TV (CTV). 

Acronyms to know:

OTT (Over the top): A delivery method for content (via the Internet)
CTV (Connected TV): A device that supports VOD
VOD (Video on demand): How a consumer accesses content
OLV (Online video advertising): Any advertising via online video

As opposed to linear TV where ads are slotted between shows on satellite or cable, OTT ads are embedded in on-demand online content. 

OTT fits under the umbrella of video advertising, but it’s important to understand the difference between OTT and OLV. OLV is video content available via online streaming, whereas OTT refers to premium content (primarily accessed via connected TVs). Usually, OTT is not skippable whereas OLV can be skipped.

OTT can help your law firm create brand awareness with prospective clients. In other words, you can target specific audiences by leveraging their streaming and shopping signals. Depending on the people you’re trying to reach, you could feature an ad anywhere from a TV network broadcaster app like Discovery to a live sports game—or even on a News app. 

Now could be the right time for your firm to invest in OTT

There are two key reasons that OTT is hot right now.

1. Relevance: OTT advertising occurs in real-time on streaming content.

2. Popularity: Millions of people are ditching cable for streaming services.

If your law firm wants to reach new audiences at scale, OTT is an effective solution. Not only does OTT allow your brand to appear alongside relevant content, but OTT is still a cost-effective way to reach and educate your potential clients. With OTT increasing brand awareness, firms often see an increase in organic traffic (from branded searches) and direct visitors over the course of three-six months when running these campaigns.

Streaming services are exploding in popularity. People spend more time each day watching ad-supported streaming TV than they do eating, drinking, or exercising. That’s a lot of potential for ad exposure! OTT can help you connect with someone who is at home, eating their favorite snack, and watching their favorite show. 

Bonus: use OTT + geofencing together

Here’s a clever tip: To supercharge the impact of your OTT advertising, consider combining it with geofencing. 

Geofencing is an innovative location-based advertising technique that allows law firms to serve ads to potential clients based on places they visit. For example, if you’re a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, you can display ads to individuals who have recently visited your competitors’ locations or other relevant destinations like auto body shops or chiropractors. 

By utilizing geofencing alongside your OTT strategy, you stay one step ahead of the competition and position your brand in front of potential clients at the perfect moment in the attorney-selection process.

Review and next steps

OTT is a powerful form of advertising that law firms can leverage—alongside other digital marketing strategies—to target potential clients at key moments and increase brand awareness. 

But remember, you must measure the results of any OTT campaign in order to be successful. Attribution can be tricky with streaming TV ads. Track metrics like reach and lift to understand whether your law firm is actually reaching the right audience with the right message. As with most other forms of advertising, it’s important to commit to this strategy for a minimum of three to six months during which time you can assess performance and adjust strategy accordingly. 

At Omnizant, we will work with your law firm to choose from over 500 offline data variables to ensure your OTT ads are seen by the right audience. Reach out to Omnizant to schedule your consultation.

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