3 Legal Marketing Habits of Highly Successful Law Firms

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

Success is not accidental. Short-term habits lead to long-term success, whether you’re running a law firm or running a marathon. But if you’ve ever set a New Year’s Resolution, you’ll know that establishing a habit is easier said than done.

Three habits stand out in our research among successful law firms: consistency, measuring results and regular reviews. We’re delving into these insights to help seed your long-term marketing success by developing short-term habits that are proven to yield results. 

Your fortune awaits, one step at a time! Here are the three legal marketing habits you can implement at your law firm for long-term success.

Be consistent, persistent and constant

If you have a marketing plan, follow it. Successful law firms commit to executing on their marketing strategies. They do this by assigning ownership of tasks and encouraging accountability with deadlines. 

Don’t treat marketing like it’s optional

Stick with your well-informed plans—at least long enough to find out whether or not the tactic is working or not. 

Persistence is necessary with any new technique, but it’s especially important for marketing content like blogs, newsletters and social media. Wise attorneys know that an initial investment is required to build a foundation for future results. 

Constant posting and constant adherence to a firm’s branding guidelines are the simple, explosive recipe for marketing success and long-term growth. 

Measure results to enable informed adaptation

Data analysis and pulling reports are not the same thing. 

Good marketing decisions rely on measuring the correct variables, in the correct timing, with the proper context.

When an associate hands you a report with the latest traffic numbers, conversion rates and social media engagement statistics, make sure someone on your team actually knows what those marketing numbers mean.

Successful firms know that data is important. They know which variables matter and they don’t panic in the face of out-of-context figures.

Furthermore, top law firms are willing to admit if they need help collecting and interpreting marketing data, from email campaign analysis and paid ads to client feedback. If you don’t have someone on your team who can do this, hire a consultant. 

Build in regular reviews specifically for marketing

Successful law firms treat marketing with serious respect. This means prioritizing time in the calendar for:

  • Regular reviews of the strategy
  • Comprehensive marketing data analysis
  • Updating the firm’s target personas
  • Iterating on the unique value proposition vs. competitors
  • Considering new tactics and new technologies
  • Examining and revising the allocation of resources

Schedule non-negotiable marketing reviews with your team. Don’t allow marketing to become a back burner project for your law firm. Let everyone know that marketing is a priority and not an afterthought. 

The more consistently you measure and analyze results, the more quickly you can respond and adapt when tactics aren’t working. Frequent reviews also enable your team to capitalize on trends, rather than waiting for your approval and falling behind.

Look closely at the data and consider what the data might be saying. Emotions are great for storytelling, but try to keep your feelings out of the data analysis process. 

Think outside the box to stay relevant and reach your target market wherever they go. For instance, have you considered local engagement opportunities, HARO pitches or geofencing for your law firm? Why not?

Creating good habits is 50% structure, 50% culture

Look, we know that attorneys are busy running a law firm and serving clients. 

The firms that experience steady, long-term success are the ones that build a supportive structure and culture for the habits that form the engine for that success

The structure is like the train on the tracks and the culture is like the lubrication on the wheels and the snacks in the dinner car. Habits require both structure and culture to function. If your marketing efforts are falling flat, your firm may be lacking in either area. 

The first step is admitting that your firm has a problem. But after that, it’s all uphill. 

Carefully examine your firm’s structure and culture to understand where to make tweaks. Get outside help if you need help seeing the forest for the trees. Organizational consultants and culture change consultants can provide valuable information and support. It’s worth the long-term results to put in the hard work now.

Review and next steps

Habits are not instantaneous. It takes hard work to establish a groove—but you can get there!

Be consistent in applying the tactics in your marketing plan. Measure and assess the results of those plans and let the data guide your decisions. Set aside time to review your strategy and consider new ideas regularly. Ask for help if you’re stuck.

Imagine where you could be in 2 to 5 years by building great habits. Get help getting your groove back with a consultation from the marketing experts at Omnizant.

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