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Ways to Share New Content on Your Website

Adding new content to your law firm’s website is an incredibly valuable way to connect with clients and colleagues on an ongoing basis, but how do you effectively share this great information with your network? There are a number of ways to spread the word about your online resources without “selling” your expertise. Consider the following sharing techniques:

Email Signature – With email serving as one of the prime forms of business communications, your email signature is now valuable marketing real estate. As you update your site with new content, whether it be a special report, newsletter or blog entry, include a brief description and link below your contact information. It only takes a minute to update and can help you get the word out to hundreds of contacts.

Social Media – If you have an active social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, you should share new content through these accounts. Posting an update with a link only takes a few seconds and can be seen by all contacts in your social media network. It’s important that if you do utilize social media, that you do not use it solely to share content. It’s all about engagement, not just sharing links. The good news is that if you do engage, it’s likely that people in your network will read and share your content because they already know you to be an expert in your friend.

RSS Feeds – Most blogging platforms (including Omnizant’s Integrated Attorney Blog) have an RSS feed through which folks may subscribe. Make sure that you actively tell your clients and referral sources about this option. You might even consider sending a mailing to your clients with a list of topics you plan to cover and have a link where they may sign up for updates and your blog.

Home Page Highlight Reels – Many visitors that come to your firm’s website will enter through your home page and may not instantly recognize that you’ve added new content. Whenever possible, include a prominent feed on your home page to your most updated pages (like your blog) and consider creating a graphic or other prominent link to indicate new reports or articles you’ve added. We’re pleased to offer integration of these feeds and prominent graphics on all of the websites that we develop for attorneys. This will ensure that you engage website visitors immediately.

While each of the above sharing methods take very little time, many attorneys are rather hesitant to spread the word about new content on their site for fear that they are being too self-promotional. But the truth is that many people in your network could benefit from the insight that you share on your site. By posting this information and actively sharing it, you are serving as a greater resource for clients and colleagues while strengthening your online presence.