The Importance of a Mobile Website

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

What is a mobile-optimized site and why do I need it?

Mobile Optimization is essential for every website. Many more people are starting to use mobile devices to browse the web, so we need to ensure that website designs are reformatted to fit mobile screens. Google and other search engines are now placing a high amount of importance on mobile sites, including their speed and functionality.

What should be included on a mobile web site?

There are many different components that go into making a mobile site user friendly and screen compatible, including resizing graphic elements and creating buttons with calls-to-action.  The user interface needs to be reconsidered and formatted for a touch screen. Additional programming must be done to make sure that webpages are less bulky for faster loading times.

What is most important for a mobile site might not be as crucial on a desktop version. For instance, longer page lengths might not be an issue for the desktop version, but for a mobile, too much scrolling can disengage the user. In addition, most users are now familiar with clicking on a phone number to call the number directly from their phone. Emphasis on details like these are crucial to building out a mobile site to make it user friendly and to ensure that search engines like Google will not penalize the site!

Kristy Dalelio, our VP of Client Service. Kristy manages client communications and project timelines, provides technical support and develops client service guidelines for the team.

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