Promoting Your Firm’s Blog With Instagram

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

Although Instagram has been around since 2010, it is only just becoming a platform that attorneys are using to their competitive advantage. Blogs on the other hand have been around (technically) for 28 years, and have been embraced by the legal industry for many years. Today, we will discuss how to promote your blog posts on Instagram in order to boost engagement.

Caption Length

To understand how to leverage Instagram to share blog content, you must understand the purpose of the platform. If you are considering treating your Instagram account like a blog, you might want to think again. Instagram isn’t a blog, it’s a social media platform. Things move much faster and more casually here. Captions get cut off after 125 characters, so unless you have a great hook, not many people will bother to click “Read More”. Studies have shown that accounts with 0-1 million followers who posted captions with 1-50 characters receive higher average interactions (likes and comments).

Sure, longer captions allow you to elaborate on topics, but it isn’t necessary for law firms. Omnizant blog articles usually contain about 500 words, which is way too long to be posted on Instagram. That’s why we always encourage followers to “Click the link in bio!” to read more.

Link In Bio

Directing followers to the link in your bio section is the best way to drive traffic back to your website’s blog. This is because Instagram does not support links in the comments section, including captions. We suggest using a link to your blog page or contact page in your bio.

If you can’t decide which link you’d rather have, we recommend getting a Linktree! This free tool lets you upload multiple web pages to one overall link. You can add your contact page link, your blog page link, your home page link, and more! This way, followers are always able to access your blog as well as other lead–generating pages. 

You can add your Linktree link by going to Instagram > Profile > Edit Profile > See “Website” Box > Paste Your Personal Linktree Link. This is only necessary for your Instagram account and is not required for other social media channels.

Other Social Platforms

You are not limited to sharing blog articles on Instagram. LinkedIn and Facebook are two more social media platforms that are great for building credibility and trust. As an added bonus, they allow you to paste a clickable link in your caption! Sharing blogs to your Google My Business (GMB) page also helps. Although not technically a social media platform, attorneys can boost their GMB ranking by being more active on the listing. 

Be wary of sharing blogs on Instagram through third-party platforms, such as Sendible or Hootsuite. It’s tempting, but a waste if you forget to add a picture/video or accidentally include a link. When this happens, your caption is posted with a blank image that cannot be changed unless the entire post is deleted. Plus, the link is not clickable. See the examples below for a comparison of sharing blogs on Instagram and LinkedIn!

Instagram and Blogs Recap

To sum up, Instagram is not the greatest platform to share your blog content on. It’s complicated to work around and doesn’t provide direct access back to your blog page. Other social media platforms are better suited for article distribution. If you are looking for more information about sharing blog posts, speak to a qualified content marketing expert from Omnizant! Our team will help you find the strategy that best fits your firm. 

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