Holiday Marketing Ideas for Law Firms

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

Yes, we know it’s early—but is it ever too early to start planning ahead for the holidays? Plus, spreading good cheer and being generous is always in season! 

For law firms, the winter holiday season is the perfect opportunity to connect with clients, express your gratitude, and share your expertise in a spirit of goodwill. By getting a jumpstart on your holiday marketing now, you can be jolly and relaxed when the first snowflakes start to fall.

In this article, we’ll unwrap creative holiday marketing ideas for law firms, from digital offerings to in-person events that will shed sweet light and make spirits bright during the darkest months of the year.

Yes, you should still send greeting cards

Consider sending a heartfelt digital or paper greeting card to your clients. 

  • Non-denominational design for clients of all cultural backgrounds
  • Warm, personalized messages that convey appreciation for their trust
  • Highlight your firm’s achievements of the past year

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful sources of new business for lawyers. By expressing your gratitude for their business, you stay top of mind over the holidays when good feelings are at an all-time high—and they head back to work in January ready to make referrals.

Start designing the card in November at the latest and send it out in early December. Hanukkah begins on December 7th this year, FYI.

Give the gift of thoughtful content

Treat your clients to the gift of valuable, holiday-themed content. Who doesn’t like a playful theme?

Share articles, blog posts or videos that offer legal tips for navigating common holiday issues, such as travel regulations, gift-giving laws or event liability. Just make sure it’s related to your practice area and don’t go too heavy on the holiday metaphors.

Here are a few examples:

  • Personal injury law: Snowy roads and car accidents, Who is liable for snow removal, Safety considerations with holiday decorations
  • Corporate law: Contract considerations for mitigating winter supply chain risks, Tax implications of year-end corporate actions, How to plan a safe corporate holiday party
  • Family law: Navigating child custody arrangements during the holiday season, Winter wedding prenup tips, Winter holidays and domestic violence resources

Seasonal content can showcase your legal expertise and reveal a bit of your personality, making you more approachable. Plus, helpful content demonstrates your commitment to your clients’ well-being.

Thank your referral sources with something extra-special

Give a special acknowledgment to the referral sources that have enriched your practice. 

Send a personalized thank-you note or a small, thoughtful gift to express your gratitude. It could be as simple as a hot chocolate kit for their family or a treat basket for their office.

By recognizing those who’ve referred clients your way, you strengthen existing relationships and encourage future referrals.

Be there with bells on (and business cards in your pocket)

Other people’s parties are a shining opportunity for networking—and they’re free

Attend local gatherings, both virtual and in-person, to connect with potential clients, partners and fellow legal professionals. Put your best foot forward with a sharp outfit, a generous spirit and business cards in your pocket. 

Remember to take care of your work-life balance this season. Don’t overcommit to so many events that you can’t show up in good form to the ones you do end up attending.

Spread cheer on social media

Transform your law firm’s social media profiles into digital fireplaces, radiating warmth and goodwill. Turn on the charm and engage your audience with holiday-themed content.

Share festive updates, quotes and seasonal greetings. Show what’s going on in your office and invite your team members to participate. 

Just be careful not to exclude clients from religious backgrounds other than your own—and always provide value. Don’t post a quirky snowman graphic for the sake of publishing something seasonal.

Host a fireside chat for winter workshops

Consider hosting an online or in-person fireside chat. Offer formal “Winter Wellness Workshops” or an informal fireside chat for people who are curious about your area of practice. 

Wear a cozy sweater and play a fireplace video on the big screen TV in your meeting room. Host a webinar where you take questions and share your expertise. Topics could include personal and legal well-being during the winter season, such as how to manage stress during the holidays or stay safe while traveling.

These workshops demonstrate your commitment to your clients’ holistic well-being. It’s also a great opportunity to build relationships in a casual setting. 

Review and next steps

Holiday marketing for law firms can be easy and rewarding! As you prepare to wrap up the year, remember these tips to get into the spirit of the season:

  • Start ahead of time.
  • Don’t overschedule yourself. 
  • Invest in the people who have invested in you.
  • Express your gratitude for all you’ve accomplished.
  • Be generous and playful in your marketing.

So make your list, check it twice, and enjoy the fruits of your labor after a hard year’s work.

If you’re already looking ahead to next year, get on the nice list and book a free digital marketing consultation with Omnizant.

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