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Free, Offline Ways to Market Your Law Firm

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

It’s simply not true that marketing your firm has to happen entirely online. While money certainly helps, it’s not true that you need to spend a ton of cash to get results, either. 

We know not every attorney is ready to invest in a major ad campaign, whether because of budget constraints or limited capacity. So we’re highlighting free, offline ways to grow your reputation and your law practice. 

Here are four free, offline ways to advertise your services, including networking, public speaking, getting involved locally, and asking for referrals.


This invaluable tool is totally free—and usually fun! 

Interactive events: Look for local events to network with other lawyers or potential clients. Sign up for some legal seminars, workshops or conferences in your area. If you’re a personal injury attorney, see if you can join the next public safety event at your local fire department or police station. 

Mingle with your potential clients or colleagues and build relationships. Try to have meaningful conversations and share your expertise freely. Don’t forget those business cards!

Local business events: Your local chamber of commerce may hold networking events where you can meet local business owners. This could result in mutually beneficial partnerships.

Volunteer: Demonstrate your commitment to the community by getting out and volunteering. Pick your volunteer acts wisely and you could generate visibility for your firm and gain exposure to people and communities who may require legal services. 

Public speaking

To make this free activity worth the work you’ll put in, find a public speaking opportunity that will put you in front of your target audience. These should be potential clients or people who can influence potential clients.

This is your chance to make a splash. Create real value by picking a hot topic and being generous with your expertise.

One option is to pitch a specific talk to an existing group. For instance, you could offer a short seminar on family law at a local PTA, sports club  or community organization. Why not host a free legal workshop every few months at your local business incubator?

If possible, get permission to record the event so you can repost it online and multiply your reach! 

The work you put in to develop these materials can be turned into online content or podcasts later, so it’s a win-win.

Get involved locally

Local engagement can yield substantial benefits for your law firm—and it might be as easy as donating some leftover office supplies or sharing other resources at your disposal.

While many sponsorship opportunities require a fiscal contribution, you may find that a local sports team or charity could benefit from something you don’t need anymore. Do a toy drive, or offer your back meeting room on an off-peak day. 

You could also strategically offer pro bono work to people or organizations. 

Another option is to partner with a local business to cross-promote each other. Put a pamphlet in your lobby and ask the other business to display yours. Just remember to check the rules of your local bar association.

Feel good while meeting potential clients and demonstrating your dedication to the neighborhood—all for free!

Ask for referrals

You don’t get what you don’t ask for. Pick up the phone or ask someone for coffee. Now is the perfect time to gently, confidently remind your colleagues, friends and former clients to refer you. 

Prepare a short script for yourself if necessary, about the services you offer and that you’re open for new clients. Adapt the script for former clients with friends or colleagues in different practice areas.

Make it easy to send business your way. About 40% of people rely on referrals to find an attorney, and you should do your best to stay top of mind among their referral sources.

Review and next steps

You don’t have to be tethered to your computer to create growth opportunities for your law firm.

Try putting some effort into these free, offline, year-round marketing tactics as a complement to your firm’s online marketing campaigns. A well-rounded marketing strategy can help your law firm thrive in today’s competitive legal landscape.

Consult with the experts at Omnizant to get your brand built and get your firm seen, whether you’ve got a ton of money to spend or you’re looking for digital marketing help on a budget.

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