AI Tools to Consider Adding to Your MarTech Stack

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

You already know that AI can write blog articles—but did you also know it can enhance images, produce videos, and edit your emails? While artificial intelligence is not about to replace human beings when it comes to legal marketing, the truth is that AI tools can significantly improve your law firm’s marketing workflow. 

We work with some attorneys who are reluctant to use ChatGPT to create web copy. No problem! You can still leverage ChatGPT and other AI tools to improve your law firm’s performance.

Here are four types of AI tools that we recommend to improve your marTech, from image enhancers and video generators to copy editing assistants and ChatGPT.

Image enhancement tools: Get sharp images in seconds

A picture says a thousand words—and a blurry, low res picture says “we’re unprofessional, don’t hire us.” 

Tools: VanceAI, LetsEnhance, BeFunky  

Let’s say the intern took a few photos of you at a community benefit event that your law firm sponsored. The photos are a little out of focus and not well lit, but they’re the only documentation you have and you want to post them online.  

To improve the quality of an image, try AI to enhance low resolution images. With a simple click, you can transform fuzzy or unfocused pictures into clear, attractive photos.  

Video tools: Professional videos in one click

A great video can earn you a ton of traffic—but not everyone has the time or skill to produce videos the old-fashioned way.

Tools: Synthesia,

Don’t have the time or interest to record and edit a video? Not good in front of the camera

AI can help you create professional videos in a matter of minutes. Some tools use avatars (AI-generated human actors) and others use imagery and stock footage, so it’s up to you and your brand. These videos can work well on social media, for explainer videos, or for other video marketing applications. 

Here’s how AI video generation works:

  • Upload your script (which you could ask ChatGPT to help you write with your review before it’s )
  • The AI tool does the rest

Tweak the results if you want, and then publish. With some of these tools, be aware that your video may be watermarked unless you pay a premium fee to remove it.

Check your state’s rules of professional conduct if you choose to use an AI video tool with an avatar. Some states may require you to state that the avatar is “an actor” and not a licensed attorney with your firm.

Copy editing tools: More than Grammarly!

Legal marketers must choose their words carefully—so choose them faster with help from AI. 

Tools: Grammarly, ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke, Ginger

Grammarly can do more than check the grammar of your blog posts. It can clean up your emails so they sound more succinct and professional—and so you can spend less time writing. Try the Grammarly plug-in for Gmail. 

Don’t be limited to Grammarly! There are a ton of other AI tools in the copy editing space. Do some research and find the tool that best suits your firm’s needs and works with your tech stack.

ChatGPT: Novel ways to create content

The bad news: The legal world has some reservations about this tool, thanks to recent headlines.

The good news: ChatGPT can do a lot more than copywriting or copyediting, if you’re not comfortable using it for copy/paste content writing (which we do not recommend). 

Try using ChatGPT to outline, summarize, and transform content you’ve already written.

  • Create an outline for a new blog post.
  • Generate three key takeaways from a blog post you already wrote.
  • Create an interesting tweet based on a blog post or news article.

Review and next steps

Artificial intelligence is not supposed to replace human brain power at your firm. But AI can certainly amplify the talent that already exists on your team. 

You can use AI in marTech to:

  • Enhance images
  • Generate videos
  • Copy edit your emails
  • Transform your content

You’re not alone in the fight to grow your business. For expert assistance and strategic insight, hire Omnizant. We’re a legal SEO agency that knows the difference between creating a buzz and creating a lasting impact.

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