5 Types of Content in 5 Minutes

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

Put on your cape and top hat, because we’re going to teach you a nifty magic trick: how to pull a rabbit (great content) out of thin air (limited capacity). 

Managing your business and delivering great results for your clients can take up a lot of time. If you had to pick between the two, you’d probably choose serving your clients over growing your firm.

If you’re in a busy phase and struggling to put out content, you’ll be pleased to discover that you’re sitting on a wealth of easy content. Of course, this simple content can’t keep your boat afloat forever, but it’s the perfect solution for busy legal professionals who only have a few minutes.

Here are 5 types of legal marketing content that only take 5 minutes to create and can be used on your firm’s website, in newsletters or shared on social media. 

Feature a colleague

Don’t overlook the power of showcasing your legal team as a source of easy yet effective content. 

The easiest option is to simply re-share a colleague’s bio from your existing website along with their photo, highlighting them as a valuable part of your team. If you have a little more time, ask them a few questions about their background or a recent accomplishment. This could be a blog post or a short video.

Featuring colleagues not only adds a personal touch to your online presence but also reinforces the strength and depth of your firm. It highlights your collaborative spirit and the combined expertise you bring to the table.

Remember to check with your colleague first—and try not to create extra work for people on your team who are already working hard to keep your business running.

Share a client testimonial

Client testimonials serve as authentic endorsements of your legal services. They humanize your practice, instill trust, and provide social proof to potential clients. 

It takes just a few minutes to turn a testimonial into bite-sized content.

Take a snippet of a satisfied client’s feedback and transform it into an attention-grabbing graphic or a brief video clip with text overlay for platforms like Instagram. By showcasing these testimonials in visually appealing formats, you not only highlight your successes but also make them easily shareable across social media platforms.

Ensure you have the client’s consent to use their testimonial, and remember to respect confidentiality and legal ethics. 

Explore industry data

Tap into the wealth of industry data available online to quickly create engaging content. 

27% of lawyers say that their law firms have blogs—and 4 out of 10 lawyers market themselves on LinkedIn.

See how it works? Find a recent statistic or study related to your legal niche and share it with your audience. Try to briefly explain the significance of this data and how it may affect your clients. For instance, if you’re a personal injury lawyer, sharing statistics on accident rates in your area can highlight the need for legal representation.

This approach not only showcases your expertise but also keeps your audience informed. It’s a simple yet effective way to demonstrate your commitment to staying up-to-date with industry trends and providing valuable insights to potential clients. Remember to cite your sources! 

Call out your location

Take a quick snapshot of your office building, your favorite local landmark, or even a picturesque street in your practice area. Alternatively, look for a relevant stock image from a site like Pexels that represents your region.

Best of all, you can add a geotag to this post or image which will help potential clients discover you more easily through location-based searches. It also reinforces your commitment to serving your local community.

Round up a collection of related content or resources

If you have already written a ton of great blog posts, try collecting them into a related bundle. We put together an SEO guide for lawyers with all our best SEO tips, for example. 

You could create a simple post like “Five must-read articles on child custody in Florida” that links to five of your own articles, including a short summary for each.

Don’t have enough of your own content? That’s okay! Create a round-up of resources from elsewhere on the Internet. 

For instance, you could create a list of “10 websites that all divorced parents in Florida should know” and link out to resources like the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Adjusting to Divorce page, Florida’s Child Support Services site, and local divorce support groups.

Review and next steps

You can create valuable content in five minutes or less—just make sure it’s actually relevant to your target audience.

The best content is relevant, high-quality, and thoughtfully positioned as part of a comprehensive content strategy. 

If you’re not confident that you have a bulletproof growth strategy, reach out to Omnizant’s digital marketing experts for a consultation.

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