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The Game-Changing Potential of Earned Media for Lawyers

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

Beyond courtroom battles and legal briefs, earned media can shape your career in unprecedented ways. Ready to amplify your reach? 

In today’s legal landscape, where visibility and credibility reign supreme, earned media is a powerful tactic that lawyers can use to cultivate their professional image and earn client trust. By sharing your legal insights and staying on the radar of the media, you can earn yourself some notoriety and take your law practice to new heights.

Here’s what you need to know about how earned media works, why earned media matters, and how lawyers should handle an earned media opportunity.

What is earned media?

Earned media is when you and your legal expertise earn a placement in local publications, broadcasts, bloggers, or other news sources. The categories are earned, paid, and owned.

types of digital media for lawyers

Earned media could be a news segment, a newspaper article, a radio spot, or a trade publication article. It is not the same thing as a press release or public relations, although they can work together.

It’s like getting a pat on the back from the media. You get the spotlight because you earned it with your skills and successes, not because you paid for it. By earning a non-sponsored placement in a respected publication, you boost your credibility among peers and potential clients while extending your brand’s reach beyond your typical audience.

Benefits and challenges with earned media

Earned media can be highly beneficial. It’s like having your firm’s reputation backed by experts. 

+ Earned media builds trust: When your legal smarts are highlighted by unbiased sources like news outlets or your peers, potential clients are more likely to trust you. 

+ Earned media can reach new audiences: These stories typically reach audiences outside your normal scope, both online and offline. 

+ Earned media can complement SEO: Backlinks are a key source of online credibility which affects SEO—especially if you earn links from reputable sources like news outlets.

– Earned media requires a ton of work: You have to invest time and effort in building relationships with journalists, staying up to date on trends, pitching a compelling angle where your expertise will shine, coordinating the interview, and preparing for it.

Overall, earned media is a high-reward marketing activity that could benefit most law firms. We recommend outsourcing this task to get the best results as earned media requires a lot of research and follow-up.

Got an earned media opportunity? Here’s how to nail it

Once you’ve secured an interview, start the preparation:

Think about your key messages. Try to find a compelling angle that showcases your expertise while addressing the concerns of your target audience. Research the topic and platform, even if you know a lot about it already. Consider current news cycles and trends.

Anticipate questions. Prepare concise, confident answers to possible questions. You’ll appear more authoritative if you’ve thought ahead about your answers. A few key data points can seal the deal.

Tap into your personal brand. Make sure your online presence is cohesive and up-to-date, including your website, social media profiles, and professional headshot. Wear a blazer or an accessory that hints at your brand colors, and use the same kind of words that define your brand. Consistency matters.

When it’s time for the interview, don’t worry about memorizing your points word for word. Try to be conversational with your interviewer. Anyone can overcome being camera shy with a bit of preparation!

Here are three interviewing tips from Omnizant’s Sam Youngblood, a former journalist:

  1. Keep your answers short and avoid using legal jargon.
  2. Mention your website as a source of more information on this topic.
  3. You are always “on the record” when speaking with a journalist.

Remember, “I don’t know” is a totally acceptable answer. Don’t make something up! You can follow up with the journalist after the interview with a short response, if needed.

Review and next steps

It’s your name on the shingle, but you’re not alone in growing your business. 

Take advantage of media coverage to expand your reach and attract new clients. Rely on experienced legal marketers to assess media opportunities and prepare you to succeed.

Craft a strategy that will get results with support from Omnizant’s team of designers and marketers. We’ll guide you through the earned media process and design digital assets that highlight your law firm’s best angle.

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