Getting More Blog Followers

Let’s be honest, blogging is hard work. It takes time, effort and creativity. And after all of this hard work, you want something to show for it–new business, increased visibility and maybe even some guest blog requests. Or at the very least, you want readers and lots of them. So how does your law firm get more blog readers and subscribers?

Automatically subscribe new clients to your blog recipients list. You are probably reading this and grumbling that not all of your clients are interested in your blog posts. And you’re probably right. A handful of them won’t be but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Almost all blogging platforms give users the option to easily unsubscribe so if they’re not enjoying your posts, they can opt out of future emails.

More likely than not though, your clients will enjoy receiving notice of your recent blog entries—they did after all hire you as their attorney so most will be interested in hearing what you have to say. Make it common practice to subscribe new clients as soon as you receive their contact information.

Include a link to your blog in your email signature. Take a look at your sent box right now. In the past three hours, you’ve probably sent out over 30 messages to clients, colleagues, vendors, your local bar association’s listserv and prospects. What a great, free way to advertise your work without appearing pushy.

Take advantage of all of your social media networks. Tweet about your blog entry, post it as a note on Facebook and make sure that the blog feed is working with your LinkedIn account. Promoting your blog on social networks is great because it gives readers the option to check it out without leaving their comfort zone. If they like what they see consistently, they are more likely to head to your site and subscribe for future posts.

Also, be sure to integrate social media sharing tools into your blog platform. Visitors who check out your blog posts should be able to easily share your work with their friends and followers as well. Minimal effort on their part means more visibility for your firm.

Be interesting and dare we even say it, controversial. If you want people to read your blog and come back for more, then your posts better be good, always. Make them interesting and timely. No one wants to read about yesterday’s news.

To really gain traction and get noticed, however, you will sometimes have to go beyond just interesting, you’ll have to be controversial. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind about that new city school board policy or ABA section recommendation. Let it all hang out and you will be surprised to learn just how many people start caring about what you have to say.

And please bloggers, infuse humor. Everyone- prospects, clients and colleagues alike enjoy a good chuckle. In fact, if you did a survey of the videos and stories that went viral over the past year, you’d find that the overwhelming majority were either controversial or comical because that is what attracts attention. Use these elements in your blog to command attention and fascinate readers.