Unlike the AM 200 firms, medium-sized law practices generally don’t have an unlimited budget or a large in-house marketing team devoted to building a robust website. Unlike small firms, mid-sized practices have to balance the preferences and ideas of all partners while building a website that showcases the skillsets of dozens of attorneys across multiple practice areas. We see our role in helping mid-sized firms strike that balance.

A Dedicated Project Management Team Devoted to Your Success

We know how hard it can be to coordinate a big project like the development of a new website. We take the guesswork out of the process and make sure it is easy and efficient. Before your project gets underway, you will be introduced to your project manager – a seasoned marketing professional who is devoted to your success. This point of contact will help you every step of the way, from the initial design consultation to the launch of your website and beyond. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your marketing objectives.

A Complete Marketing Arsenal

A website is just one component of a comprehensive online marketing campaign. While most experienced developers can help you develop an attractive site, few can provide you with a complete online marketing toolkit that allows you to streamline all of your marketing strategies into one user-friendly dashboard. Your dashboard will allow you to edit your website, post blog entries, manage event registrations, share special reports, send e-newsletters to thousands of contacts, and even offer clients a secure and fully branded client portal to exchange documents and share invoices.

Expertise to Help You Showcase All You Have to Offer

It can be challenging to showcase the experience of multiple practice groups and dozens of attorneys within one single website. We understand how to build a website that celebrates all of your firm’s accomplishments and highlights your strengths across several areas of law. Whether we create a single website with a user-friendly navigation structure or develop a main site with dedicated micr0-sites for each of your practice groups, you can trust that we will bring your firm a powerful web presence that will resonate with clients and colleagues alike.