Dynamic Websites forSmall Law Firms

While solo practitioners and small firm attorneys face a particular set of challenges when it comes to online marketing, they also offer unique benefits that clients won’t get when retaining a larger firm. At Omnizant, we understand the challenges that you likely face and we use our industry expertise and creativity to create a website that brilliantly showcases the value that you deliver to clients when stacked against competitors.

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We understand that in researching website developers, others have likely claimed that they too specialize in marketing firms just like yours. And while some may, none share our deep history and long commitment to solving the marketing plight of small firms. A decade ago, we were founded by an attorney who was a partner at a two-attorney practice in Long Island, New York. He, like you, wanted to build an effective website, but no provider could supply him with a “complete package” with his minimal marketing budget. Omnizant was founded to provide this missing solution and address the following concerns that small law firms often face:

Not Enough Time

As a small firm attorney, you undoubtedly wear many hats. You do everything from billing to human resources and even IT, all on top of the billable work that keeps your doors open. When it comes to marketing, most solos simply don’t have the time to maintain their own campaign. At Omnizant, we have built a comprehensive online marketing platform that allows you to efficiently manage all of your online campaigns from one central, easy-to-use, control panel.

Budget Constraints

In our industry, it’s not uncommon for a basic attorney website to cost anywhere from $10,000-$20,000. We understand that this isn’t feasible for most small practices, and we have a number of small firm-friendly packages that were built to fit your budgetary needs.

Not Enough Support for Sustained Growth

Larger firms have the luxury of chief marketing officers who spearhead their online marketing efforts and ensure continued success. We understand that this isn’t the case for your practice, and we like to think of our team as your in-house marketing staff without the salary requirements. As a Omnizant client, you’ll have unlimited access to our support team at no extra expense to your firm. As a one-stop-shop for all of your online marketing needs, you will have peace of mind knowing that all of your digital campaigns are working in unison with a dedicated team of professionals at the helm.

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