Website Design for Attorneys

It is a no-brainer that all businesses, including law firms, need to utilize the web to reach their target markets. The fact that you are reading this on our website is the perfect example of just how frequently potential clients turn to the web to find a new service provider.

Over the past decade, we have worked with thousands of attorneys across the country to create websites for lawyers that, not only look sophisticated but also serve to generate new business, educate clients and increase firm visibility. Whatever your online marketing goals, we’ve got the experience, tools and knowledgeable team of experts to help you achieve them efficiently.

Striking Law Firm Website Designs
Impress clients (and intimidate courtroom adversaries)

Fully customized to represent your unique practice and online needs.

User-friendly navigation that will not only leave your users impressed with your site’s design but also with its content and structure.

Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Get your firm on the map

Unique strategies that will dynamically update each page on your site as search engine algorithms evolve.

Ongoing SEO Support to ensure you are up-to-date on trends and resources to optimize your site.

Synergy Digital Marketing services for firms that desire a more aggressive online marketing campaign.

Exclusive Site Tools & Easy Manageability
Innovative features turn your lawyer website into a valuable resource

Easily add or edit practice area content, attorney profiles, upcoming events or articles through an industry-leading content management system.

Engage visitors with interactive tools, such as Live Chat, designed to give your firm a competitive edge.

Compelling Content
Words that inspire, enlighten and impart wisdom

Extensive Legal Content Library so you can focus on your billable work and not have to spend hours on developing your site’s content.

Custom content solutions, including newsletter and blog authoring services.

Aggressive online marketing campaigns that include synergy optimization and social media services.

Integrated Blogging
Establish yourself as an authority in your areas of practice

Manage and update your content in your user-friendly content management system.

Use email and RSS subscriptions so all of your fans can remain up-to-date with your posts.

Exclusive LegalVault® Secure Document Exchange
Make your website the focal point for clients’ documents

Unlimited document storage for each client account.

Clients can access their most important documents 24/7 through your website.

Healthcare Wallet Card option providing caregivers access to healthcare directives in emergencies via secure web access or 24/7 fax-back.