Threads Is Taking on Twitter —Should Attorneys Be Using It?

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

Threads is the newest app from Meta/Instagram/Facebook—and it’s super hot right now. But before you hop on the bandwagon, make sure you know what to expect.

We know that social media can be a great place for lawyers to stand out and build their brand, such as TikTok. We also know that social media can be seriously overwhelming. There are so many platforms, and they all have unique features and limitations. 

This article gives a quick overview of the Threads app, including why Threads was created, how Threads works, and how attorneys should be using Threads.

What is Meta Threads?

Threads is a standalone messaging app developed by Instagram. When you create a Threads account from your Instagram account, all of your IG followers will automatically appear in your Threads contacts list. Pro: You don’t need to start from scratch when building an audience on Threads. Con: You cannot (currently) deactivate Threads without also deactivating your Instagram account.

Press coverage for Threads emphasizes that the platform is intended for public conversation. It’s quite similar to Twitter in that users can post text, photos, and videos with which other users can interact. At the moment, it’s primarily focused on text-based content and the limit is 500 characters.

There is a strong emphasis on real-time sharing with Threads. Similar to the Close Friends feature on Instagram, a Threads user may select a specific group of friends and contacts who will be able to see their Threads content. There’s also an “Auto Status” option that automatically shares a user’s current status (such as location or activity) with their chosen close friends.

To sum up, Threads aims to provide a dedicated platform for seamless and meaningful communication among a user’s inner circle.

Why is Meta Threads suddenly so popular?

It’s new. Threads was released to a limited group of Instagram users on July 5, 2023. With over 100 million downloads in the first week, it’s already making waves among social media creators and brands in search of a text-based platform. 

It’s integrated. The Threads app was developed partially in response to the ongoing debacle at Twitter HQ. Meta decided to create its own competitor app to answer the gap in the marketplace. With auto-population of followers, excellent filtering options,

It’s perceived to be better. With plans to eventually allow access via ActivityPub, the open decentralized social networking protocol, Threads appeals to users who have concerns about compatibility and the monopolization of social media.

On the one hand, it’s early days and Threads might fizzle out like Clubhouse. But major brands and celebrities have already made the leap to Threads—and backed by powerhouse Meta, Threads could very well have a long future ahead.

Threads: best practices for attorneys (from our social media experts)

Setting up Threads:

  • Follow all the same accounts you follow on Instagram when you create your account.
  • Make sure your profile is public.

Content for Threads:

  • Posts can be up to 500 characters long with links, photos, and videos.
  • Videos can be up to 5 minutes in length—but 1 minute is the sweet spot.
  • Share blogs and other pieces of content directly from your website.
  • Comment on recent events that relate to your firm, answer questions you get from clients, ask questions yourself, or comment on trending topics.

Example 1: “When we say don’t post on social media about your case, we mean don’t thread about it either!”

Example 2: Share something funny that happened in court.

Example 3: “We’re answering the top questions we get asked about alimony: [blog link]”

Example 4: “Which do you think is more difficult: going to law school or not listening to the new Taylor’s Versions albums on repeat?”

Strategy for Threads:

  • Consider your target audience. What are your clients interested in outside of settling their cases?
  • Keep it positive. Threads was created to encourage positive, productive conversations. So make sure you’re sharing content that is valuable to the type of people you want to attract. Many experts suspect that, with the help of AI, the Threads algorithm will favor positivity and good news. Content that gets more engagement (comments and reposts) will likely be perceived as “productive” to the community and lead to greater visibility. 
  • Engage with your community as much as possible. As much as you post something original, you want to respond to others. This is a super easy way to increase your content without having to think too hard about doing something new.
  • Threads is not a place to get leads or sell. This may change in the future, but right now the best way to get a good impression is to avoid being overly salesy or impersonal.
  • Hashtags aren’t necessary and are probably just a waste of space right now.

Review and next steps

Threads is a new social media app that is tied to your Instagram account. It allows you to participate in primarily text-based public conversation, with an emphasis on personal and thoughtful content. 

Book a social media consultation with the experts at Omnizant to find out how your law firm can utilize Threads!

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