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Are you looking to attract new clients? Want to create a website that showcases your experience and wows opposing counsel? Looking to develop an online resource center for clients where you can deliver timely updates and keep in touch? At Omnizant, we build effective websites that empower attorneys to achieve their unique goals efficiently and affordably.

Delivering Powerful First Impressions
With a staggering 85% of American adults using the internet on a regular basis, you can’t afford to have a website that fails to impress. At Omnizant, we build sites with striking designs, intuitive navigation, interactive tools and high-quality content, ensuring your site appeals to prospective clients and most importantly engages them.

Creating New Business Opportunities
Our comprehensive website system features a plethora of interactive tools that encourage site visitors to connect with your firm. These cutting-edge features are seamlessly integrated into our industry-leading Site Manager and are available to your firm 24/7. These include:

  • Integrated Attorney Blogging
  • Event Management System
  • Click to Call Technology
  • Sophisticated Forms

Educating Clients, Colleagues, and the Community
When you enroll with us, you don’t just get a shell of a website with a pretty design, you’ll get a robust site complete with professional content from our extensive practice area library. All of this content can be easily edited to meet the needs of your firm.

From the first time you contact our team, you’ll quickly find that we truly care about your goals and continue to support you in your quest to achieve them, even after you’ve launched your website. It’s this commitment to our clients and our unparalleled service promise that has led us to become a leading legal marketing company, serving over 1,000 law firms across the country. Contact us today to learn more about taking your online presence, and your practice, to new heights.