At Omnizant, we understand the competitive challenges facing litigation law firms. Our law firm SEO and marketing services can help to distinguish your firm and grow your litigation practice.

Our proven history of providing effective online marketing campaigns to law firms and our passionate pursuit of innovative technologies ensure that our law firm SEO and marketing services will bring new clients to your litigation law firm.

Omnizant: cutting-edge client acquisition solutions for litigation attorneys.

We understand that potential litigation clients face complicated legal issues that may either be resolved inside or outside of the courtroom. Today, many turn to the web to find a litigation attorney who can address their concerns. Therefore, your website must contain high-quality information that demonstrates both your negotiation and trial skills. Content that displays your proven history of achieving successful outcomes in civil or commercial litigation will ensure that your website serves as a virtual validation tool for referrals.

Additionally, a well-designed website helps to signal that you are at the top of your profession, but an attractive site isn’t enough. It must be found by prospective clients which is why it’s essential to achieve a high rank in search engine results.

Omnizant’s law firm SEO and marketing services will ensure that your practice is identified by online search engines and highly visible to potential clients searching the web. If they are searching for ‘litigation lawyer’ in a particular location or by other important search terms, a top placement in the organic and local sections of Google search will catch their eye.

By highlighting your credentials, you offer potential clients the opportunity and incentive to visit your website and contact you directly. At Omnizant, we’re committed to improving our online rankings so that your website generates leads for new clients. We’re all about helping you grow your litigation practice.

Our Guarantee

Our law firm SEO and marketing services are backed by a guarantee: within 3 months, you will rank on the first page of Google for 10 keywords; otherwise you don’t pay us until we do. Period.

Omnizant is Committed to Your Long-Term Success

To maximize your litigation practice’s visibility to potential clients, it must be featured as a top-ranking listing on a search engine results page. Your website must also be consistently optimized to retain its lead ranking. This is where Omnizant’s SEO for law firms and marketing services can help.

Our SEO strategy involves optimizing both the backend coding of the website and marketing content. Additionally, links to and from other influential websites build credibility while supporting your website’s leadership position online. Other variables that will reinforce your website as a leader in the industry and ensure higher rankings and conversion rates include the period of time visitors spend on your website, the frequency of user engagement and how regularly fresh content is added.

At Omnizant, our law firm SEO and marketing services will enable you to retain your leading position in search and acquire new clients online for your litigation practice.

Omnizant is highly regarded as a leader in developing comprehensive solutions for litigation law firms. Our range of SEO and marketing services spark lead generation and client acquisition.

Omnizant’s approach to improving your litigation law firm’s online visibility combines organic and local SEO techniques with an array of marketing campaigns: paid search (PPC), online media placements, display advertising and remarketing, social media, directory placements and video marketing.

Ultimately, SEO success hinges on developing content that strikes a chord with potential litigation clients. Whether they are seeking your offensive or defensive capabilities, providing relevant, quality content and introducing your team will give potential clients confidence in your knowledge, skills and experience. It is worth noting that content is not static. The blog posts and content on your site can also be used in placements and paid search (PPC) which will help to drive organic and local search engine results.

At Omnizant, we believe in accountability.

Our marketing team consistently runs reviews of our campaigns and will provide you with detailed monthly reports to verify that our strategies are working and providing a good return on investment (ROI).