There is no shortage of information online when it comes to divorce and family law matters. Not only are you competing with other law firms in your area, you’re also going toe-to-toe with legal directories and even local media outlets that routinely cover topics like divorce, child custody, and alimony.

If you’re like most divorce lawyers, you’ve probably questioned how to best cut through the noise and get your firm in front of prospective clients at the right time. That’s where we come in.

At Omnizant, we specialize in helping family law firms build expansive digital footprints that increase visibility and help them generate new business from the web.

Our Speciality:
Getting Your Practice More Leads from the Web 

We help personal injury practices grow by creating comprehensive marketing campaigns that expand the reach of your firm, getting you in front of prospective clients at exactly the right time – when they’re looking for legal counsel.

See how we helped a newly established family law firm grow quickly with top placement in the search engine results for over 50 terms, resulting in over 50 new leads for the practice each month.

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Increasing visibility in a crowded marketplace is our speciality. Since 2006, we’ve helped 2,000 law firms make their mark on the web. The secret to our success in delivering impressive results? Unrivaled experience in the legal space, a diverse team of experts and a holistic approach to digital marketing.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we don’t have tunnel vision when it comes to growing your practice. We focus on every element of your firm’s online presence to help you achieve your goals. Our marketing plans include:

Sophisticated, and Data-Driven, Websites

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Your firm’s website is often the very first interaction you will have with prospective clients which is why it’s critical to have a website that is professional, empathetic to the needs of the visitors and valuable in the information it delivers.

At Omnizant, we design with your target audience in mind. Leveraging data from hundreds of family law websites we’ve created, we know what converts and what doesn’t. We put this to work with each and every site we develop.

To maximize the reach of your firm, we ensure your law firm’s website is responsive and accessible (meaning that disabled individuals using assistive technologies can easily access it and contact you for representation).

Once we’ve built your site, we get to work driving traffic there; we’re certain you’re going to want to show it off.

Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Even the most attractive website won’t rank well if it isn’t optimized to reach the right audience. At Omnizant, we take a multifaceted approach to enhancing your firm’s visibility. Our SEO services include:

  • On-page optimization which focuses on high-quality content and the optimization of various page elements like titles, descriptions and linking structure.
  • Local SEO which consists of optimizing local business listings and review generation campaigns
  • Off-site SEO which includes link-earning strategies
  • Technical SEO which ensures that your website’s architecture and performance is aligned with visitors’ expectations and Google’s requirements (for example, Google’s Core Web Vitals)

Our Guarantee: Your Success

We know that investing in your online presence can impact your bottom line. It’s why we work tirelessly to get you a return on your investment and why we’re one of the only legal marketing agencies to offer a guarantee with our Advanced Marketing Plan.

The terms are simple: We guarantee first-page placement for 10 popular keywords in your area within three months. If we don’t deliver on that promise, you don’t pay us until we do.

Robust Content Marketing

Having an information-rich website that addresses the needs of prospective clients during their online research is critical for your firm to effectively engage with visitors and rank well with the search engines. We know that most attorneys simply don’t have the time to write articles for their websites each week which is why we’ve assembled a team of content strategists and attorney writers who do the work for you.

Our content strategy consists of two phases:

  1. Getting your site ready for launch with robust practice area information that will speak to the immediate concerns of visitors.
  2. An ongoing strategy to ensure timely, high-quality content is regularly added to your site, signaling to the search engines and visitors that your firm is knowledgeable and user-centric.


Content Marketing Illustration showing various methods

Strategic Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

Getting into those top spots in the organic search results through SEO doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it can often take several months for your site to appear in local searches and start generating leads.

One way to immediately dial up lead generation is through Pay-Per-Click advertising, the most popular of which is Google Adwords. In working with our team, you will have a dedicated specialist who manages your PPC campaigns. By having a single point of contact, you can be certain that your goals, target audience(s) and budget are being consistently optimized for the greatest return on investment.

While our SEO plans don’t require an accompanying PPC campaign, we often recommend that the two tactics are used in tandem with PPC helping to generate leads in the short term and SEO focusing on your long-term success.

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Social Media Marketing to Drive Brand Awareness 

With seven-in-ten Americans using social media, it’s no surprise that law firms are increasingly leveraging the power of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to connect with clients, prospective clients and colleagues. At Omnizant, we’ve helped practices around the country harness the power of these networks to  expand the reach of their practices.

Our approach is simple – we create, and curate, powerful content that resonates with your law firm’s network, ensuring you remain top of mind in your community. We also manage active advertising campaigns across these networks, allowing you to target specific audiences, often at a price point that is considerably lower than that of PPC campaigns. Learn more about increasing your firm’s visibility with social media marketing

Illustration representing social media marketing

Link Building. In assessing your site’s credibility, search engines look to see what other reputable sites link back to your content. At Omnizant, we don’t limit optimization to your site, we also extend our efforts beyond your site, helping to secure link placement on third party sites, like local media outlets and directories.

Monthly Reporting and Quarterly Strategy Sessions. We live in the data, day in and day out; it’s how we measure the success of our tactics and pivot, if needed, to achieve our clients’ growth goals. Each month, we will send your firm a report detailing your firm’s rankings and progress against your KPIs. We realize that over time, your goals may change which is why we hold quarterly strategy sessions to refocus and ensure we’re still delivering the kind of leads you want and need to take your practice to the next level.

Illustrations representing monthly reporting

Guaranteed Results 

Just like you, we don’t get paid unless we win…or we really should say, unless you win. We are the only SEO agency in the legal industry to offer a guarantee with our advanced marketing plans. The terms are simple: we guarantee 10 keyword phrases (selected from your target audiences’ most searched phrases) on the first page of the search results within three months or you don’t pay us until we get your practice there.

This guarantee ensures you’ll see a return on your investment.

Ready to grow your practice? Connect with us. When you reach out, a seasoned marketing professional will take time to understand your practice and your market (unlike competitors, we don’t charge for an assessment) and propose a strategy for your success. If you think it’s a good fit, we can have your site up and your campaigns running within 6 weeks.