There is perhaps no matter that presents more urgency than that of a criminal charge. After an arrest, individuals often have to find an attorney quickly. With an innate understanding of the criminal defense attorney selection process, Omnizant can help you create a powerful website and SEO strategy to ensure that your firm is found, and retained, by prospective clients at the exact moment they need representation.

Unrivaled Expertise

Since 2006, we’ve worked with hundreds of criminal defense lawyers around the country, helping them create impressive digital footprints that are centered around high-impact, high-engagement websites.

It’s not uncommon that our clients tell us they have more cases coming in than they can handle. See how we helped one of these firms achieve their growth goals. 

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Comprehensive Campaigns. Maximum Visibility. 

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to optimizing your website and getting your firm to the top spots of the search engine results. As part of our SEO services for criminal defense law firms, we perform the following: 

On-Site Optimization

Every title, every tag, every description…we pay attention to all of the details, infusing strategic keywords that your prospective users are searching throughout your website. 

Technical SEO

While Google routinely scans your site to make sense of your content (and ultimately, how you can deliver value to the site visitor) it also evaluates how your site functions, looking at the underlying architecture and performance. We constantly monitor your site and make enhancements that are aligned with Google’s frequent algorithm updates. 

Local SEO

If you’ve recently performed a search for a professional service provider in your area, you’ve undoubtedly encountered Google local business listings front and center (usually just to the left of the map in what is often described as the “Map Pack”). As part of our SEO services, we ensure that all of your local listings are optimized for maximum visibility, helping to generate client reviews and publish regular updates. 


Content Marketing

Yes, it’s cliche and overused, but the saying still rings true – “content is king” when it comes to digital marketing which is why developing great content for your firm is a major component of our SEO strategies for criminal defense lawyers. At the start of your project, we will perform extensive market research to determine what topics should be covered to resonate most effectively with your audience, and then our team of attorney writers will get to work publishing high-quality content to your website before launch and on a regular basis once your site is up. 

Driven by Data. Obsessed with Results.

We don’t make guesses when it comes to how to best drive new business to your firm. Our diverse team of experts leverages 16 years of data, spanning 2,000 law firm websites, to ensure your campaign’s success. 

Every month, you’ll get a comprehensive report from our team detailing how your site is ranking for a long list of search queries. We’ll also share progress against your KPIs and dive into conversions, so we can better assess your cost per lead and cost per case.

Guaranteed Results 

Want to see how we can help drive more business to your firm? Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our marketing consultants. 

Ready to grow your practice? Connect with us. When you reach out, a seasoned marketing professional will take time to understand your practice and your market (unlike competitors, we don’t charge for an assessment) and propose a strategy for your success. If you think it’s a good fit, we can have your site up and your campaigns running within 6 weeks.