Is your website accessible to your clients, prospects and colleagues?

Millions of Americans use assistive technologies to access the web. If your firm’s website wasn’t developed with accessibility in mind, your visitors may not be able to learn more about your areas of specialization and engage with your firm.

Find out how your website performs with our free accessibility audit. 

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At Omnizant, we build all of
our clients’ sites to be fully accessible.

No plug-ins or overlays needed. All of our designers are trained in accessibility best practices to ensure that every element, from contrasting colors to images and functionality, are evaluated and optimized to work with assistive technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accessibility Remediation

Will the design of my law firm’s website have to change?

There is a lot of misinformation that suggests that accessible websites have to compromise on design. That just simply isn’t true if you worked with an experienced designer. While some elements on your site may need to change, for example colors to ensure optimal contrast, we make every effort to preserve your site’s current design.

If there are design elements that we need to change to make your site fully accessible, we will identify these before the remediation process and work closely with you to ensure you’re satisfied with the revised look and/or functionality.

What platform will you build my site on?

We build all websites on WordPress. This means you’re never tethered to a proprietary platform and can easily maintain your site independently.

How long does the remediation process take?

The timeline for the remediation process will largely depend on the scope of your project. As you might imagine, bringing a 12-page website into compliance will take significantly less time than a 325-page website. Generally speaking, these projects typically take six weeks to three months to complete. When providing you with a quote, we will also share a detailed timeline for the project.