Websites for Litigation Law Firms

Being a trial attorney requires tremendous passion, creativity, analytical skills, organization, tenacity and a lot of hard work. At Omnizant, we value those qualities and we bring the same dedication to the comprehensive websites that we build for litigation firms across the country. We understand that you don’t have much time for marketing, which is why we’ve developed an all-in-one website system, efficient development process and white-glove customer service to ensure you have the tools and support you need for ongoing success.

When prospective clients are faced with a complex legal issue that may result in a trial, they understand that a great deal is at stake and often go online to learn more about their options. Having a website that is loaded with high quality content allows you to address some of these concerns and questions, and forge a connection with a prospective client. We offer a wide array of litigation content to meet the needs of your practice and your clients. Our extensive library includes information on:

  • Civil Litigation Overview
  • Business Disputes Litigation
  • Construction Litigation
  • Estate Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation

Your firm’s website is your virtual storefront to the world. It must be informative and interactive, allowing prospective clients, current clients and colleagues to effortlessly connect with your firm. At Omnizant Media, we utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative tools that encourage engagement from visitors and generate new business for your practice. Our website system features:

Online Consultation Request

With tools like Google and Bing, visitors will be coming to your website during the weekends and after your office hours. So, it is important to have a way for these visitors to schedule an initial consultation with your firm to not miss out on any of these business opportunities. Omnizant’s online consultation request tool will allow your firm to collect these leads when you’re not able. These submissions are emailed to your firm and stored in your site’s backend with advanced visitor tracking information to allow you to follow up with your visitors right away.

Special Reports for Visitors

Our special reports feature allows your firm to publish white papers or informational articles for visitors. However, before viewing these reports, prospects and clients must enter contact details to access them in their entirety. By them inputting their contact information, firms are able to promptly follow up with all interested parties.

Password Protected Pages

Any page on your website can be password-protected, meaning visitors would need to enter a username and password before seeing the information. These pages are often used to store resources and information for clients and fellow advisors. While not everyone can view these pages, they could still be a powerful marketing tool that can help encourage visitors to contact you to gain access.