Websites for Business Law Firms

As a business law attorney, your clients tend to be more professional than others. Whether they are business owners, in-house counsel or entrepreneurs, your website should showcase your own professionalism and provide insight into how you can help them protect their businesses and livelihood. When creating a site that resonates with businesses, it is important to work with a team of experts with deep knowledge of the legal industry. At Omnizant, we combine our design capabilities with thoughtful content and other engaging tools to help business law firms leave a lasting impression.

Content is the cornerstone of any effective legal website and it must address your visitors’ concerns, provide them with helpful information on legal their legal matters and outline what assistance your firm can provide. At Omnizant, we are passionate creatives who strive to develop content-rich sites that appeal to visitors and search engines alike. As part of our commitment to provide clients with thought-out content strategies that get results, we’ve developed a comprehensive library stocked with legal content that covers a wide range of business law topics, including:

  • Business Law Overview
  • Business Litigation
  • Franchise Law
  • Purchase/Sale of Business
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Business Immigration
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Securities Law

All of these pages can be easily personalized for your unique clientele. Alternatively, we offer custom authoring solutions for those firms who would prefer completely custom content throughout the site.

Many marketing consultants have just one focus: generating traffic to your website. At Omnizant, we know that traffic is just one component of an effective website. Engaging your visitors once they arrive at your website is equally important. Our interactive tools allow you to connect with your online visitors and help you generate new business leads. The following tools are built right into the Omnizant website system:

Online Consultation Request

Visitors may come to your website on weekends or after office hours, so you need to have a way to schedule consultations to not miss out on any new business opportunities. We will build an online consultation request tool that will allow you to collect these leads 24/7. These submissions will be emailed to your firm and stored within WordPress, and they will include advanced visitor tracking information to allow you to easily follow up with potential clients.

Special Reports Visitors

This feature will allow your firm to publish informational articles and white papers for visitors. Before prospects and clients can view the report, they must enter some of their contact details in order for the report to be accessible. This Omnizant feature helps firms follow up with all interested parties.

Password-Protected Pages

Any page on your website can easily be password-protected, where visitors would need to use a username and password before viewing the page. Firms may want certain pages password-protected to house certain resources and information for clients and fellow advisors. While the pages are not visible to every visitor, these pages can be a powerful tool to get visitors to contact you to receive access.