Website Headers: Sometimes less is more

Logo, firm name, images, tagline, phone number, fax number, office address and email address! Oh, my! Cramming too much information into your website header can be overwhelming and, in most instances, is really unnecessary. When developing your attorney website, it’s important that you limit and effectively organize the information in your header graphic. Utilize the small area of the header graphic to display your branding, imagery and the firm phone number. As a general rule of thumb, we strongly advise against including your firm address, fax number and email address in the header graphic as this information is not central to your branding and most importantly, it can easily be found on your “Contact Us” page.

The purpose of your website is to draw visitors in, have them take a look around and ultimately learn more about your firm. By keeping the information in the header graphic to a minimum, and additional details on your well-organized site pages, you are better equipped to do that.