Tracking Traffic to Your Law Firm’s Website

The success of your law firm’s website is a driving force in any marketing campaign. When determining just how well your site is doing, you cannot rely solely on contact inquiries submitted through the website forms. You must also consider visitors, searching for an attorney, who learn of your practice areas and services through your site but contact you in a different manner. A good way to get a comprehensive overview of all visitors to your website is through Google Analytics.

This free service offered by Google gives you a keen understanding of who is visiting your law firm’s website and what they are doing once they arrive on the site. This can serve as an effective tool in strengthening your online marketing efforts.

These traffic reports may assist you in the following ways:

Determining the effectiveness of your site’s content
Google Analytics gives you a detailed report for each page on your site allowing you to see how many times it’s been viewed, how long the average visitor stays there and how many people leave your site from that page. If you find that the average visitor is staying on one of your practice area pages for a very short period of time or is leaving your site upon visiting that page, you will want to reassess the information stored there to learn what is deterring potential clients from making contact with your law office.

Discovering what keywords are leading visitors to your site
This service tells you where your site’s visitors are coming from (various referrers might include multiple search engines, other websites with links to your site or email marketing campaigns) and what keywords users are searching to find your law practice. If a keyword central to your practice is missing, you should edit your content accordingly.

Identifying your site’s visitors geographic locations
Once you log in to your Google Analytics account, you can also determine the geographic locations of visitors to your website by country, state or city. This information is especially helpful if you have multiple locations or are trying to reach several cities or states.

Google Analytics is a free service and registration only takes about five minutes. If you would like to get started with this valuable service and learn how people find your site and navigate through it, contact us for additional information.