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Julie Lorson has been working in SEO since 2010. It all started when she had a summer job writing nothing but product descriptions for an e-commerce site. It was love at first “type.” Over the course of her career, she has learned the many nuances that it takes to make websites rank in the top positions in Google, such as strong content writing skills, finding great placements on various blogs to increase visibility as well as mastering Google Analytics.

After working at the two top Long Island SEO agencies, she is looking forward to helping clients rank for their keywords and increase their revenue. When she isn’t working on SEO, she is usually performing in Community Theatre across Long Island. Her record? 11 shows in one year alone!


What makes someone successful in a role like yours?

In order to be successful in SEO, you really need to understand the foundation of marketing in general. The purpose of marketing is to increase a brand’s visibility and help them increase their overall revenue. In SEO, these same principles apply, except you’re increasing their visibility on search engines and helping them find new leads that will ultimately increase their revenue. A good SEO person will know what keywords to target and what keywords will help their clients get a return on their investment.

What is your favorite part of your job?

One of the things that I love the most about SEO is that it’s quite easy to see if your strategies are working. Thanks to Google Analytics and ranking software, we can tell how our efforts have increased our clients rankings and how many new leads and conversions they received. It feels great knowing that we helped our clients generate more revenue!

What are some achievements you’re most proud of?

In my professional life, I will never forget when I was able to get one of my client’s infographics featured in Google News. It was completely unexpected! I made everyone Google the keyword phrase so they could see. In my personal life, I’ve written and directed my own musicals that have been performed. It’s an incredible feeling seeing your baby come to life.