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Spring Cleaning…For Your Website?

As we head into warmer weather and the summer months, folks around the country are getting their homes and offices in order. In addition to dusting off the old grill or repainting the office, the slower summer months serve as a good time to review and revamp your firm’s website. As you take a look around your site, consider the following checklist:

Review your content
During the hectic year, it is easy to put your website on the backburner. However, like homes and offices, a website must be given proper upkeep and maintenance to ensure continued success. During your review of the site, be sure to carefully read through all of your site’s content. In certain instances, you may need to update the language to detail certain developments in the law. And since new and relevant content is the key to any search optimization strategy, the summer provides a perfect window of opportunity to add articles, seminar handouts or blog posts which you may have worked on throughout the year but just did not have the time to add. Using the Site Manager tool, you can easily add or edit text at no extra cost.

Take a look through the Site Manager
At Omnizant, we are constantly making improvements to the Site Manager. These additions serve to enhance your site’s functionality. Over the past year, we have added more content to our practice area library (which you may access through the Site Manager), developed advanced technology which allows you to upload audio or video files directly to your website and have launched LegalVault, a comprehensive document storage system which can be integrated right into your website. As you can see, we’ve had a lot going on. This summer, make sure you learn about all of these online marketing tools so you can get the most out of your website.

Evaluate your site’s design
Just as cars and wardrobes go out of fashion so too can marketing materials. If your website looks outdated or no longer adequately represents your practice, you may need to update your website design. Omnizant offers current clients amazing discounts on website redesign through our Loyalty Program. If you think your site could benefit from a facelift this summer, contact us to learn more about our redesign services.

As you book your summer adventures and vacations, be sure to reserve some time for your website. While it may seem like a tedious task at first, working with your site can be refreshing, rewarding and will undoubtedly benefit your firm’s online marketing campaign.