Selecting a new website developer? Consider loading time

Every day we’re contacted by prospective clients. Many ask the same questions like how well do your clients rank with Google? How long is the development process? How extensive is your content management system? One consideration which is far too often overlooked when selecting a website provider is loading time. How quickly does the server respond when a visitor arrives at a new site?

A slow loading time can be harmful in a number of ways:

  1. If it takes two minutes to load your law firm’s website, you can be certain that many website visitors will leave before they’ve even had a chance to the see the first line of the home page. You only get one chance to make a good impression so make certain that you don’t disappoint web visitors right off the bat.
  2. Server speed affects your site’s SEO. Google’s business model is centered on providing quality results filled with sites which are likely to meet their customers’ needs. Since people get annoyed by slow-loading sites, Google is likely to keep them out of the top spots.
  3. More people are accessing the web through mobile devices. Although they’ve come a long way, most mobile networks continue to operate at slower speeds. If your website is on a slow server, your site may essentially be inaccessible for a large number of prospective clients.

So what exactly slows down a website’s loading time?

There are a number of factors which play into the loading time including:

  • Bandwidth allocated to the server hosting your site
  • Speed of the server hosting your site
  • The code which is “behind” your site (this can be problematic with many WordPress themes)
  • Graphic files which may not be properly compressed

Before selecting a website host, it’s important that you ask about the above factors. And don’t just take their word for it, go on to at least a dozen sites that they’ve developed. Once you type in the URL, begin timing how long it takes for the entire page to load (this includes graphics and all text). If it is longer than 15 seconds, explore other options.

At Omnizant, we are constantly making enhancements to our server to ensure optimal loading speeds. We also develop mobile sites which are optimized for the smaller screen and can reduce the time your firm’s website takes to load for visitors on a smart phone or tablet. Go ahead, take a look through the sites in our portfolio. You’ll find that all load at lightning fast speed; just another piece of the Omnizant Advantage.