Search Engine Optimization: Content Is King!

If you have a site on the web, you have probably been contacted by a Search Engine Optimization “Expert” who promises to get your site on the first Google search engine result page (SERP) in record time. They often claim that they can elevate your website’s rank within days and promise that your site will have a permanent place in these top positions. Unfortunately, most of these individuals, and the companies they represent, are scam artists hoping to charge top dollar for services they can’t provide.

Truth be told, there is no instant solution which will improve your site’s rankings. As you may know, search engine algorithms are officially secret and further, their behavior randomized so that it is virtually impossible to know everything that affects search engine behavior. However, there are proven tactics, which when used correctly, can increase your site’s visibility over time.

Quality content will likely influence your website more than any other search engine optimization strategy. Be sure that your content is well written and easy-to-read. When drafting text for your site, use relevant language containing the keywords and locations which users might search when trying to find your practice. Also, add new content whenever possible in the form of either Articles or preferably Blog Entries. The Omnizant blogging system is particularly well-suited because of the way it formats keywords.

While there is no quick fix to improve your site’s ranking with the major search engines, adding relevant content on a consistent basis over time will surely assist your site in its climb to the top of the results pages.