Measuring Website Success

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By Omnizant Team
Law Firm Marketing Agency

Success is always subjective. For some firms, website success may be achieving a top spot on a local Google search. For another, it might be getting four leads a month from the firm’s main site. And yet another may just consider having a professional-looking website as online marketing success.

With all marketing endeavors, it’s important that your firm take time to identify goals and analytics for measuring “success”. For certain goals, measurement is rather simple. After all, you can usually see how your site is doing in the Google searches by performing some local searches. Other measurements, like how many leads you are getting from your website each month, may be a bit trickier to assess.

Many of our clients simply look at their list of contact inquiries submitted through the website within their Site Manager accounts and say they have 7 inquiries from the month of August so that is a good indicator of the reach of the law firm’s website. This is far from the truth. You must consider calls (a visitor who is seriously interested in your services is more likely to call your office than submit an online form) and responses from forms on your website which may not translate into new business immediately but demonstrate the full reach of your site. For instance, many firms have special reports which website visitors can read after submitting contact information. When one is requested, you can be certain that the visitor has a good understanding of what you’re all about and, if you made a good impression, it’s likely that they’ll contact you when they are ready to proceed with their legal matters.

Far too often, firms do not keep accurate records of prospects and online contact. All law offices should require staff members to ask each prospective client how they learned of the firm. As soon as this information is obtained, it should be stored in a shared database. This is not only helpful in determining the effectiveness of your website but also of print advertisements, networking events and referral sources. By systematically tracking and regularly reviewing your marketing efforts, you may find that the directory listing you’re paying $1500.00 for annually only amounted to one phone call and never in a paying client; is it worth the expense? Probably not, and that money could likely be allocated to another marketing strategy (like an aggressive content campaign) which will be more successful in lead generation for the firm.

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