Just Keep Blogging

By now, most attorneys and website owners know that they should be blogging. Many take to the task with great enthusiasm, writing several posts a week but few sustain this zeal as time passes. In fact, research shows that 45 percent of all bloggers stop blogging within three months.

Now we know exactly why this drop occurs; in fact, we’ve probably heard every excuse in the book—“with so many clients and court dates, there is not enough time to write blog entries”, “the posts are not generating new business”, “writer’s block is holding me back.” For these reasons and so many more, attorneys often stop blogging before they’ve even hit their stride and as a result, few see the true benefits of active blogging.

To help you keep your blog mojo, we’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons you NEED to keep blogging. Post it on your desk, make it your computer background or place it on the fridge—wherever it will best serve as motivation to get you writing.

Better Search Results – The more you blog, the better your site will do in the search rankings—it’s that simple. If your site is doing better with Google, you’re going to get more leads from the web.

Showcase Personality & Expertise – In the world of law firm websites, you need something that will set you apart from your competitors. Your informative, insightful and witty blog entries can do just that. Active bloggers often have prospective clients, fellow advisors and even media outlets engage with them based on blog posts alone.

Stay Connected – Let’s be honest, most practices of law do not lend themselves well to ongoing relationships with clients once the legal work at hand has been completed. In fact, with far too many areas, clients associate their legal experience with a negative time whether it be bankruptcy, divorce or injury. Regular emails to clients with blog entries can actually change this dynamic and keep the relationship intact so that they positively remember your firm when it is time to refer a friend or their next legal matter arises.

Strengthen Your Research & Writing Skills – When most of our clients begin blogging, they are concerned with the writing style, subject matter and tone of posts. Blog entries need not be overly formal like law journal articles. In fact, a more casual tone infuses more of your personality and is less intimidating to readers, many of whom may not be professionals. The only way to conquer your fear of this more casual approach is to blog and blog often! Overtime, this style of writing will become second nature and may also translate into other areas of practice where personality can be key such as client correspondence.

Social Interaction – One of the greatest benefits of blogging, is that it makes you a part of a much bigger social media community. Blogging encourages reader comments and fosters an exchange of ideas which often lead to stronger relationships, online and off. Bloggers tend to actively read blogs with a similar focus so posting regularly can establish you as an authority in your practice area, leading attorneys and advisors from around the country to engage with you and your firm.

As social media continues to grow in popularity and the web further infiltrates daily life (have you heard about Google TV?), you can’t afford to quit blogging. So if you’re struggling, keep at it and remember blogging isn’t a track meet, it’s a marathon.