Incorporating Password Protected Pages Into Your Law Firm’s Website

The main purpose of most attorney websites is to drive an online marketing campaign, capturing the attention of potential clients and informing them of the services your firm offers. At the same time, many attorneys and law firms also strive to develop a website which serves as a resource for current clients. In fact, many of the law firms we serve want to offer more resources to current clients and just enough information to potential clients to spark their interest and propel them to make contact with the firm. Omnizant’s Site Manager allows firms to easily create custom pages which may be password protected. With this feature, your firm can create a “Client Resources” section and post articles, forms, video, audio and other exclusive materials to which only clients will have access when they login using a special username and password. This is a great way to promote your firm’s website among your client base and encourages potential clients to contact you to gain access to such exclusive resources. Contact us today to learn more about creating password protected pages on your firm’s site.